Steppin Out Saturday

my outfit: hair//sock bun, earrings//f21, top//thrift, jeans//f21, shoes//DKNY, dog//Angus
ruari: outfit//old navy
Soooo… Ruari and I didn’t actually step out… Well, we ran errands (and, I put on flats before I left… ;D). We can pretend I did something totally fun and exciting…. like a night out with the girls where I went to the concert and met the band… hee. But, I didn’t. Just a simple night at home with the fam where I got dressed in real people clothes (thanks to Steppin Out <3). I like it that way. 🙂
Ruari actually had fun with these steppin out photos (rare)! She usually hates them. But, she was running over to the door whenever I pressed the timer on my camera yelling, “Sit down! Sit down mama!” So, I did. And, the animals were in on it too…
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