Too cool for school.

This week the I Heart Faces challenge is “Back to School” Well, Ruari is obviously not school age… So… this week she is too cool for school! Ha!
We just got home from spending the weekend in Maupin, OR. AKA: middle of nowhere. ;D Really though… it’s a nice little town. Nothing fancy that’s for sure, but everyone is very nice and the weather was lovely (too hot) but, lovely. A beautiful bit of land along the Deschutes River. 🙂
A few more photos from the trip to come…

AND: FRIDAY is the LAST day to purchase your ticket for the PNW blog gathering! I really hope you will come if you’re in the area! I’m driving up 3.5 hours to enjoy a ton of bloggers for a fun filled evening! Will you? I think you should… purchase your ticket here!!! See who will be at the event here!

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