PNW Meetup!

Well… the PNW Blogger Meetup was this last Saturday! Yay! AND: it was a BLAST! We had SO much fun. I enjoyed each and every blogger I met! We were lucky enough to have a lovely photographer ( to document the evening. I’m sharing my faves below… And: yup! We had a photobooth! I am saving that for a special post for tomorrow!!! The photobooth was awesome and I think it needs it’s own post. 😀

Are you in the Pacific Northwest? Want to meet up with local bloggers? You should! It’s so fun and everyone is very nice. You better believe this will be an ongoing thing! I started a little website so we can keep things a little more organized for our PNW Meetups. Check it out: The PNW Blogger. You can head on over and add your PNW blog on our Blog Love page under your state!!! AND, start following the blog to keep up with any updates and announcements for upcoming events. I see Oregon in our future for the next event…

Happy Tuesday everyone! And, thank you to ALL the ladies that came out to play! It was lovely meeting you guys! Thank you! I hope to see you again!

moorea from moorea seal, leanne from rave and review, elizabeth from delightfully tacky, mandy from a sorta fairytale, erika from rouge and whismsy, erika from bird e studios, heidi from me as a mother, martha from, meghan from chasing quinn, emily from peck life, autumn from playing house full time, chelsea from the curly cues, tracy from liberating working moms, mariah from a splendid endeavor, rachel from and then she snapped, alyssa from everydaymaven, rachell from no mark at all, lucy from lucille in the sky, jamie from what i did today, jackie and shari and samantha (three brand new bloggers!)

Ok, and seriously… thank you to the fabulous sponsors for this event! You helped make it amazing!
Princess Couture Designs//Belleza Mia//Grace and Stella//The Paper Mama Shop//Elsage//Opal//Alecia Smith//Tracy with Scentsy


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