AND… now you’re 21. Months that is.

Dearest Ruari Boo,
Wow. 21 months old. Holy moly… you will be 2 in three months!!! What? yeah. I can’t even believe it… but, you are human! You came up to me the other morning and said, “Hi mama! How you doin’?” What? Did you really just say that? And, you have been forming sentences ever since.
Talk talk talk talk. Dance dance dance dance. Sing sing sing sing. Your FAVORITE things to do. I have many videos as proof (bwa ha ha). You are starting to get REALLY silly and you know and remember things. You’re always telling us to “sitdown!” so we can read to you… then, you try and tell the cats to “come here. sit down!” They don’t listen as well… 
We tried timeout once the other day… didn’t go as well as I had hoped it would… But, we’ll try again. The stairs are still an issue. You think you know how to use them… you don’t. I swear I’m going to have a heart attack sometime during our walks… you still don’t understand cars and how they can be dangerous. So, we carry you across the street (and yes: you kick and scream the whole way across because you want to walk/run). 
The only way I can get you to stay sitting still for a photograph is to bribe you with food and cartoons (that would be why there’s a blank stare on your face in the photos above ;D). We still haven’t really tried potty training. You still love your pacifier… you require it when you sleep… but, we have been hiding it from you during the day with success! I’m not too worried about it. 
Pretty much: you’re amazing. I love you. Welcome to 21 months!


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