Wordless{ish} Wednesday: Ruari’s 19 months old! Whoa!

{Photos from 4th of July}

{Wow. I cannot believe how old you are now! I’ve already started planning some little birthday ditties for your 2 year bday! What? Yeah.}
{So… you are pretty much the silliest baby EVER! It’s so crazy seeing your personality form! You are one funny girl (not too surprising since your mama and dada are super silly ;D). One thing I really need to stop doing… is giggling when you fart. It’s so hard not to laugh (yeah, I’m 28 and think farts are funny :/). The thing is… you now laugh each time you burp or fart. Ooops! :D}
{You are talking up even more of a storm this month! You’re pretty much a copy-cat (gotta watch my potty-mouth) and repeat almost anything we say. You can name pretty much all of your body parts, know the names of a few favorite people and animals, you know your fruits, and the list goes on….}
{Some favorite things you love right now: Doggies (always), Horses, pacifier (addicted), Bernie (your stuffed Bernese Mountain dog that you call, “Buh-bee”), strollers or anything you can push with wheels, Cozy’s (aka blankets), going on walks, shoes, Dora the freakin’ Explorer (REALLY addicted to this), meltdowns I mean… getting into things and then me telling you no, you’re 2 cats and Angus, my mom’s cat Inky, Water, Nana’s (banana), CoCo (Kelsey’s daughter: Coral) and more.}
{You’re pretty tall for your age, average weight, and with sort of a big head (in measurement… you’re not stuck-up. :D). We have made absolutely no progress into starting potty-training… I set you on the potty and you pretty much freaked out… keep practicing! You do know when you poop… I know this because you announce it to me every time (like you did before you pooped in the tub the other night).}
{As hard as being a mom can be sometimes… I’m absolutely in love with you. I tear up thinking of how much I love you. Love you boo head!}
{- Mama}

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