GIVEAWAY: A $25 gift card from Tiny Treehugger!!! {CLOSED}

Ok… so, when Pam from Tiny Treehugger offered to send me some cloth diapers to test out… I was VERY nervous. BUT, I had been wanting to try them for quite some time. It kills me a little each time I toss a diaper in the garbage… I have a hard time with waste. 🙂

Anyway, she sent me 5 to try out and play with. So, off I went… the pooping was the hardest thing for me… I mean really: ewww. I guess there are hoses you can attach to your toilet to wash the poo off… but, I didn’t want to invest in one. So… I shake and dip my diapers in the toilet. After a month I was very much used to my cloth diaper routine. We are now using cloth diapers MOST of the time. I use disposable (Seventh Generation) when we go anywhere and at night (or, when she has diaper rash). 

It’s seriously saved us a TON of money. Our water bill really has NOT gone up (like my husband thought it would) from washing the 5 diapers every other day. AND: my husband was also against the idea of buying special laundry detergent for our special diapers… well, that was cheap too. Ha! He’s so happy we don’t have to buy a package of diapers each week! We have been going through a pack of Seventh Generation diapers about every 2 weeks now… 

I definitely recommend giving cloth diapering a chance… the initial investment can be a little spendy… but, in the long run you can save money! We are saving money with just our 5. So, with this giveaway it’s the perfect chance to try out your own cloth diaper! OR, to add to your collection if you’re already into it. 😀

What can you win?
A $25 gift card (+ Free Shipping) to spend at Tiny Treehugger! Shoot… that’s enough to add ANOTHER cloth diaper to your collection. ;D OR… she does sell other items too. 🙂 

She only ships to the US and Canada though…. AND: use this code for 10% off your order: papermama

How do you win? Please follow these steps… AND make sure I have a way to contact you through e-mail. If I don’t… I’ll have to delete the entry… 🙁

Mandatory entry:
1) Just answer this question: Do you use cloth diapers?? OR, if you don’t… do you want to try?{1 entry}
Optional entries (Please leave a separate comment for each entry so it counts. Thanks!):
1) Follow me (see sidebar) {1 entry}
2) “Like” The Paper Mama on FB {1 entry}
3) Follow me on Twitter: @thepapermama {1 entry}
4) “Like” Tiny TreeHugger on FB {1 entry} 
5) Follow her on twitter: @tiny_treehugger {1 entry}
6) Tweet, Facebook, or blog about this giveaway. You are welcome to copy and paste this tweet:
” Cover your baby’s bum with this GIVEAWAY to @tiny_treehugger ! A cloth diaper and more store! @thepapermama  “{1 entry}

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Last day to enter giveaway is July 31st, 2011 at 11:59PM Pacific time.



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