Warby Parker’s.

So… I have had the same glasses for about… 5 years now? Which is fine… I still like them. BUT, I’m a wee bit bored. I discovered Warby Parker one Sunday morning and instantly fell in love! It’s a very young business… but, an awesome one! $95 for every pair of frames! Amazing. AND, in addition to the low cost… Warby Parker donates a pair of glasses for each pair you buy (sort of like TOMS).

Another neat thing…. they have a 5 for 5 program! Yes, they will send you 5 pairs of glasses for 5 days for FREE! They encourage you to try them on… take some photos… and ask your friends what they think! So, that’s what I’m doing. Right here. Right now.

Which do you like best? Out of the 5 my favorites are Roosevelt, Miles and Owen. Webb was too tight…. while Thatcher just seemed WAY too big for me. What do you guys think? These 5 have been sent back to their Warby Parker home… and, I may just order another 5, including the 3 I like, with 2 different styles. Hmmmm….

And, if you all get a moment…. 
I’d LOVE a vote! 😀
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