Sunday Challengin’

Scavenger Hunt Sunday:

Music to My Ears

Ruari laughing and chasing bubbles… music to my ears for sure.


My paper hat.

My old granny sunglasses that my mom and hubby hate. 😀

Out of this World

These cheesy bites from the wine bar…. so freakin delicious!


It’s hard to beat sprinkles of Feta….

Steppin Out Saturday:

Shirt: Target (for like $2… yeah clearance!)
Shorts: Anthropologie
Shoes: Ross… purchased many moons ago.
Mike and I stepped out for a date night! We finally got to see Harry Potter… and, then we ended the night with some dinner and drinks at a fun wine bar. The weather was so lovely too. 🙂

Scavenger Hunt SundayPhotography love...

And, if you all get a moment…. 
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