This Before That 2011

Who remembers this list? This one right here? Well… I had made my original list in June 2010.  Now… here we are… almost a year later! There were only 4 things I didn’t finish. Yay! So… hopefully with this year’s list I’ll finish everything! ;D

The idea is to create a list of items that you want to do this year. Do you want to join me? Please do! I’m hoping to get all this stuff done before June 2012. I recommend mixing in some easy/cheap things. Don’t stress yourself out! I’m making my list 29 items long. Because I turn 29 next February. If you’re making a list I’m going to open up a linky below for you to link it up! It will be open for a year! 😀

My This Before That list for 2011:

1. Get Mike to help me finish those planter boxes!!! {Didn’t happen}
2. Keep my garden alive this summer. {Didn’t happen}
3. Sell at Crafty Wonderland this December. (an indie handmade sale) {Didn’t happen}
4. Potty train Ruari. Or, at least start the process. {Didn’t happen}
5. Clean up/reorganize my blog. {Did it… always doing this}
6. New blog button. {Did it}
7. Organize garage. AGAIN! Ugh. {Didn’t happen}
8. Make our backyard more Ruari friendly. Less spider friendly? {Didn’t happen}
9. Start a yoga routine. {Didn’t happen}
10. Keep telling Mike we need Chickens next year. Eventually he’ll think it’s his idea. 😀 {Did it}
11. Spray paint my urn planter. Canary yellow!{Did it}
12. Get a quote for replacing siding on the house. Boo!{Did it}
13. Finish my bookshelf project.{Did it}
14. Tear out the dying cherry tree in the front yard. With help of course. 😉 {Didn’t happen}
15. Bake a pie.{Did it}
16. Either plan or help plan a PNW Bloggy Gettogether. <—– seriously.{Did it}
17. Go to BlogHer. {Did it}
18. Continue to work out and stay healthy. {Did it}
19. Buy a shutter release for my camera.{Did it}
20. Have many date nights with my hubby.{Did it}
21. Take an inexpensive family trip.{Did it}
22. Keep researching surrogacy and adoption.{Did it}
23. Take a photo everyday!{Did it}
24. Buy some sort of upgrade for my camera… depending on cost. {Didn’t happen}
25. Finish my drawing project before this Fall? If not this fall… before next Spring. {Didn’t happen}
26. Draw some doodles and diddies for an online magazine. {Didn’t happen}
27. Tell my baby I love her EVERY day.{Did it}
28. 90% of my holiday purchases will be handmade or thrifted.{Did it}
29. Set up a compost pile.{Did it}

Please feel free to grab my little “This Before That” image to put on your post.
Here’s the image URL if you’d like:

If you do start a list I’d LOVE to see it! You are welcome to link up the direct link to your This Before That list post below.



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