Shop update: more drawings and banners!

I’ve been drawing and creating banners like crazy! I’m a busy girl… It’s hard to find to do anything while being a stay-at-home mom…. BUT, I can do it. And, am doing it… slowly… but, I am. 🙂 The first drawing was for Tricia of Desperately Seeking Silence. She told me to just go crazy! So, I did. Well… I could have gone even more crazy… but, I’m happy with how it turned out!

This cutie is the grandson of a lovely lady that owns a tattoo shop. She thought it would be cute to hang up in her shop.

AND: Many banners… this isn’t all of them… just a sampling of what I’ve been creating. 😀 Who are these for? Here: This little port, BluEye Blog, Hella Kids, Little Red Buttons, and The Monfort 3.

You can get your own banner… button… drawing… or tattooed baby at my shop: The Paper Mama Shop! yay! Check it out.


AND… don’t forget… if you’d like to sponsor me for BlogHer ’11…. click the button below. Thanks everyone!


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