Wordless{ish} Wednesday: Hot Vliggity Vlog on Vednesday

{So, a few other bloggers and I have recently tried out vlogging for the first time. And, we liked seeing ourselves on video SO much… we decided to do it again. ;D I think this may be a weekly thing. We’re going to come up with topics that we’ll all talk about and record a vlog. So here we are… here’s my very virst vliggity vlog vor Vednesday. I’ll still be doing my Wordless{ish} Wednesdays (link up below)… but, now there will be a vlog to go along with the cute Ruari photos! Actually, I’ve really been enjoying watching other vlogs. It’s kind of fun to see what a blogger is like in real life.}
{I ran across this blog, Eighty MPH Mom. She offers up 3 questions each week and asks her readers to answer them in a blog post… preferably in vlog form. So, for this week I talked about her first two questions and then sort of answered a couple other questions my readers had for me.}
{The questions from Eighty MPH Mom for this week:
1. Do you have Spring flowers (or any flowers) blooming in your yard right now? Show us!
2. Are you watching American Idol this season? What do you think about the new judges?
3. Tell us something that happened to you last week!}

{I hope you all enjoyed that! I know it was hard for me to watch (just can’t get used to seeing me on video… but, I’ll keep up with it!).}
{I encourage you all to vlog with us! If you do vlog this week and would like to link up, feel free to link your vlog post up to the linky below. Put “vlog” in the title if you vlog.}
{Let me know if there are any other topics you’d like to see us talk about in vlog form in the future.}

{I hope you take a moment to view the other bloggers that are talking about the same subjects this week:

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{If you have a Wordless{ish} Wednesday, please feel free to link it up below. BY the way: Shawntae from A Little King and I now share our Wednesday Linky’s. :D. And, feel free to link up to these blogs too… (Wordless Wednesday HQ, 5 Minutes For Mom, Parenting by Dummies, A Beautiful Mess, Go Graham Go, Supermom, Live and Love Outloud, and My Wee View.). Happy Wednesday to all of you! Don’t forget to check the announcements above the posts. Giveaways and the photo challenges!}

My hairclip in the video is from: Twenty Five Designs. 😀



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