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A few weeks ago I shared with you 5 blogs that I always visit. I wanted to share some more with you. It’s so fun to find more blogs!

Reasons I love each of the following blogs: They update often… their photos are always beautiful… 99.9% of the time their posts have photos in them (I’m such a visual person that a photo in a post is always a plus)… AND, these ladies are all very nice (unless they’re totally faking ;D)

Here is the second round of favorite blogs:

Sara and little Miss Pie. So, I just realized I haven’t actually seen a photo of Sara… But, I still love reading her blog! She is hilarious and kind and a wonderful writer! I very much encourage you to give her a visit! Unofficial Mom

 Ree Drummond. I’m pretty sure most of you already know who this lady is… but, if you don’t: check her out. She’s a blogger celebrity. Her photos are so inspiring. The Pioneer Woman.
 Allie and Henry. I was very lucky to meet this lady last year… look here…. and yes: Allie is as sweet in real life as she is in her blog. I love her random sweet posts. Please give her a visit. It’s a Wonderful Life .
 Melissa, Zoe, Stella, and Rowan. I’ve actually met her 3 times now (here, here and here). A very sweet little family. Melissa is currently planning her wedding for this summer! Yay! Give her a visit. Hi, Baby.

Kelsey, Braedon, Eli, and Coral. I’m sure you’ve all seen me talk about this lady before. She’s a real life friend (I’ve blogged about her a lot). And, she blogs! She’s actually been blogging FOREVER. She’s an amazing writer. Please check her out. K.B. Squared.

That second round of favorite blogs. I will share more later! I hope you all give these ladies a visit! I started a linky up with my last favorite bloggers post and it will be open for a very long time! If you’d like to link up your favorite bloggers, please link your post below.

ONE more thing…

So, the other day I noticed that I had 900 followers! When I remember (which doesn’t usually happen)… I like to give a shout out to my followers! BUT, the 900th follower doesn’t have a link to a blog or anything… 🙁 SO, I just want to say “HEY!” to a couple of new followers around her!

My 899th follower: Rachel from Wildflower Photography and A Little Bit Vintage.

AND… just because I LOVE finding new blogs and want to share with you… here’s my 898th follower: Shelly from That Girl Blogs 2011

Who are your favorite bloggers? I’d love to see them! Happy Thursday everyone!
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