Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Camera Phone
I didn’t take a photo of a camera for this item… but, I did want to point out how much I love my new camera lens (50mm 1.4). LOVE it. The things I can do with it are lovely.
I just kept snapping away as little Miss Kamilah was talking away. Funny photos. I love this shot even though it’s not “perfect”.

Steppin’ Out Saturday:

Head band: Claire’s
Sunglasses: Thrift
Tank: Thrift
Sweater: VERY Old Navy
Jeans: Forever 21
Shoes: Sam and Libby

This weekend I stepped out to my best bud’s baby shower! She’s due in may. I am so excited for her!
In case you’re wondering… Yes… I do have a TON of heels. And, I love them all. I hope to wear a different pair each weekend. I will get a photo of every pair! It might take a year to finish this. 😀
AND: I forgot to take photos of Ruari! She had on the cutest outfit too…. Dang.

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

A vote for our blog this lovely day? Just a couple more votes and I move up a bit! Yay! Only takes a couple of clicks if you’d like to vote.
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ONE more thing: My friend, Jill @ Chronicles for Corbin, contacted me a couple of days ago asking if I’d be interested in giving away an item from my shop for a Japan fundraiser. Of course I said yes. I’ve met Jill a couple of times before and she is so sweet. Basically MANY bloggers/crafty people are getting together to give away some goodies. It’s a sort of raffle. So, if you have a handmade shop and want to help Japan… but, don’t know how… Go over to Jill’s (Jill @ Chronicles for Corbin) blog and drop her a line. 😀



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