I want to get to know you!

So, I’ve been thinking about doing this for some time now… but, I was afraid it would get a little overwhelming and I’d never finish… BUT, I think I want to do this. I want to get to know you!

My blog has been growing pretty fast (which is totally awesome)… and, I’m not really able to visit each and every one of my awesome followers everyday (even though I want to) because I have some baby time that comes first before my blogging. 🙂 But, then I get guilty (seems like I feel guilty a lot, huh? Working on changing this).

Ok… onto my idea: similar to what Spearmint Baby has done here… I’d like to SLOWLY piece together a blog directory. Yes, I already have my button page… but, this will be a little different. I’d like to know a little more…

Do you want in on my directory? I’d love to have you. But, I’m going to start small (so I don’t overwhelm mysef). I will choose 20 blogs to start.

If you’d like in… please email me here at my Paper Heart Camera email. My other email gets pretty full and I don’t want to lose anything. 🙂
Include the following in the email:
– Name (or name you like to go by)
– Blog Name
– Blog URL
– A short SHORT description of your blog/you
– Do you have a shop(s)? Include the name and URL
– Self portrait photo

Reminder: I wont be posting everyone that emails me right away. I’m starting with 20 and when I’m done creating a directory for those… I’ll do 20 more and so on. Alright! Email me if you’re interested!

Again: thanks to EVERYONE that has been voting for me! 
You are welcome to vote each day! Thanks! VOTE HERE or below.
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