Things I’ve said as a mom… that I never thought I would say…

After reading this post from Allie over at It’s a Wonderful Life… It inspired me to do my own version of new mom things. Instead of baby math… I wanted to compile of few of the more memorable things I’ve said since becoming a mom. There are MANY more than what I have below… but, I’ll save those for another time. Maybe I’ll want to remember these things when I’m older… I don’t know. But, here they are:

These are things I know I’ve said. I wont go into detail about each situation.. I’ll just let your imagination create some fantastic tale. 😀 If you’re not a mom and you’re reading this… you may think I’m crazy. That’s probably true.
Photo challenges for Friday:

My 365: Yes… I’m still going strong! Haven’t missed a day. 😀

Day 4{365}
{My 365 on Flickr}

Day 5{365}
{My 365 on Flickr}
Give me your best shot at Better in Bulk
Day 6{365}
{My 365 on Flickr}
 I’m drawing a little something for a fellow blogger. I wont go into any detail at the moment… But, it’s fun!

Skywatch Friday:

A little bit of a loose interpretation of “sky”… but, the sun was shining so bright that day through my window! It created a beautiful reflection.

Skywatch Friday

Blogging from Boliviaand then, she {snapped}Live Every Moment

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