Starting over… My 365. My 52.

I’m starting over! Yup. I got a VERY late start to last years 365 and I wasn’t really into it… BUT, I’ve started a new 365 on January 1st and will be sticking to it! A photo a day for the entire year (Here’s my Flickr 365 set if you’re interested)
In ADDITION to this. I will be following Tia from Picture Motherhood’s 52 weeks of Me themes. At least once a week I will be turning the camera around and snap myself. Will you join up? If you do, I’d LOVE to see what you snap! I’ve started a 52 weeks of Me Flickr group. Join if you’d like!

Day 1{365} … and … Day 1{52} Me:
{Flickr 365 set}

Tia’s second week theme for 52 Weeks of Me is: Books.

Day 2{365}:
{Flickr 365 set}

STAY TUNED: The Valentines photo challenge will be starting on Wednesday! I’m changing things up a bit from the Holiday Card/Photo challenge. I felt that maybe everyone might feel like they HAVE to create a card. You don’t. What you can enter: a photo with a Valentines theme… a card (with a photo)… or just an altered photo. I don’t really mind what you do as long as it is or has a photo in it. 😀 SO… get brainstorming! I’ve collected some AWESOME amazing prizes for you all!

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