I Heart Faces: Favorite face

This week over at I Heart Faces is all about picking your favorite face from 2010. I’m sure you all probably know which face I chose…..

Yup… My sad little Ms. Poodle. Poor child. So tortured. 😀 As sad as this face is… I know it went away immediately after I took that costume off.

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STAY TUNED: The Valentines photo challenge will be starting on Wednesday! I’m changing things up a bit from the Holiday Card/Photo challenge. I felt that maybe everyone might feel like they HAVE to create a card. You don’t. What you can enter: a photo with a Valentines theme… a card (with a photo)… or just an altered photo. I don’t really mind what you do as long as it is or has a photo in it. 😀 SO… get brainstorming! I’ve collected some AWESOME amazing prizes for you all!

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