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Eight more days till Ruari’s first birthday party! I mentioned a while back that I was keeping to a small budget for birthday decoration. Well, I did it. I spent $67 on all party decor, invites (including postage), candy, favors, and dessert. I was $2 over… But, I think I’ll let that slide. 😀

So, I had all this ribbon left over from the wreath I made a month ago. I decided to make a tiny banner to string in between the candy decoration I’ve assembled. Cute?

Here’s how I did it:

1st: Gather your supplies. You’ll need scissors, string of some kind (we use this in our kitchen), ribbon, and hot glue.

2nd: Cut out 2 inch long strips of your ribbon (you can adjust this depending on the width of the ribbon). Once all your 2 inch strips are cut out, cut a triangle out of one side of each strip. You can do this by slightly folding the ribbon in half and cutting at an angle from the folded side to the open side.

3rd: Next, fold down the non-triangle side of your ribbon. How much you fold down will depend on how long you want each strip. I folded about a half inch down.

4th: Once all the strips have their folds, start gluing onto your string! It’s TOTALLY up to you on how long you’d like your string and the spacing in between each strip.

When you’re all finished you can tie these little banners up in between some “lollipops” like I did below, or it would be REALLY cute as a little cake decoration!!! If you use this tutorial, let me know! I’d love to see what you make!

By the way… do you like my paper lollipops? I couldn’t get myself to buy more than one $4/lollipop. SO, I’ve created a picture that YOU can buy from my shop! It’s SO much cheaper than buying many many lollipops! For $5 you get my lollipop JPEG to print out as many prints as you’d like… then glue on some wooden skewers: and ta dah!!!

Here are what the print outs look like. I went to Office Depot to print mine for 60 cents a copy.

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