Tree hunting.

Our little family went tree and ornament hunting this weekend! Mike and I started a tradition 3 years ago. We always go to Sleighbells Farm (it’s a sort of year round Christmas shop/tree farm) and choose an ornament that best represents our year. First year: A ring for our engagement… Second year: a just married ornament… Third year: a little photo frame with a picture of my pregnant belly. This year we chose a little bundled baby.

A little family photo. Ruari and Mike make the same smirks!

How much would it suck to have this view everyday? So horrible…

Sooooooo…. we don’t actually BUY the trees at Sleighbells… Just the ornaments! The trees are a bit too spendy for us. We always head out to a store to buy our trees. This year we went to Fred Meyer.

Since we’re on a budget this year… we were planning to go with the cheapest trees available. Apparently this would be an “Elf Tree“. YEEEeeeeah. These trees are tiny! Most are shorter than Ruari!

So, my Mom thought these trees were a bit sad… she offered to help pay for a larger tree. 😀 We now have a little 4 foot tree on a table. We have to keep it away from the baby that eats EVERY SINGLE THING!!! In fact… one of her favorites are pine needles.

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By the way…. I have the winners for the Holiday Card challenge! I’m working on the post. BUT before I can do that we have to fix a little tie…… There are 4 winners. First, second, third, AND fourth… But, the third and fourth place have tied. I’ll be posting a VERY quick poll real soon for a little “vote off”.

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