Happiness is playing with something your mom doesn’t want you to play with… But, you do it anyway because you love it. Happiness.

Oh little baby. You have quite a naughty habit now. If I try to take something from you… something you REALLY want… you hide it behind your back. Where did you learn that? Then, if I do take it from you, there’s a melt down. A baby melt down. A crying, crawling, head hanging down meltdown.

Yes, I’m sure you REALLY enjoy eating the cat hair, dirt, leaves, hair pins, and everything else… BUT, I’d prefer if you didn’t. We have a lovely variety of toys for you to choose from. They all like to be chewed on. Oh, and could you not bite me? I know you’re teething, but ouch.

Yeah, that egg carton is pretty cool! But, I can only imagine how nasty dirty it is. Oh well. You had fun!


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