Countdown to one: day 2… {with a super quick GIVEAWAY}

Alright! It’s the second day of Ruari’s birthday countdown! Can you believe one more full day and she’ll be one (well, one more full day and a few hours… she was born at noon on the 18th)!

I’m sharing months 3 – 6 today…

At 3 months Ruari was just starting to show some personality. She was smiling A LOT!

At four months she was getting a little stronger and less “baby-like”. 😀 This is also the time I started my blog. Awwww….

This photo was taken on Mother’s Day weekend. She’s so sweet when she’s sleeping. ;D

Yup, she REALLY starts getting crazy here… she still doesn’t sleep well… but, at least she’s sleeping some now! It was a different story when she was 6 months

AND, since Ruari’s so excited for her birthday… and, she’s feeling very generous! Ruari emailed Ashley, over at Ramblings and Photos, and asked if she would like to donate one of her AMAZING prints for Ruari’s birthday countdown! Well, Ashley couldn’t say no… (how could you say no to a baby when they send you an email?) 😀

What do you win? One of my favorite photos from Ashley: The Hot Sauce print (11×14). I LOVE the hot sauce print. It would be a perfect in a frame in our kitchen!

{You could win this!}

How do you win? Please follow these steps… AND make sure I have a way to contact you through e-mail. If I don’t… I’ll have to delete the entry… 🙁
Mandatory entry:
1) Just leave a comment about ANYTHING below. ;D{1 entry}

{Optional entries (You only have to comment once for each optional entry.):
1) Follow me (see sidebar) {1 entry}
2) Like my Facebook page for The Paper Mama{1 entry}

3) Follow Ashley’s blog at Ramblings and Photos… {3 entries}
4) Follow my twitter: thepapermama {1 entry}
5) Tweet or Facebook about this giveaway… {1 entry}
6) Blog about this giveaway… linking back to my blog (please post blog post link in comment). {3 entries}

Ruari would like a vote for her birthday! Yes?
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{I’m going to make this a short giveaway! Last day to enter giveaway is December 19th, 2010 at 11:59PM Pacific time.}

Would ya could ya? Vote for me?
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