Countdown to 1: Day 3… {with a super quick GIVEAWAY}

It’s the 3rd and FINAL day of Ruari’s birthday countdown… Oh, man. It’s tomorrow!!! I’m sharing the remaining 5 of my favorite photos of Ruari for 2010… What a sweet little baby girl.

Remember when we went to the tattoo parlor and got some ink? Yeah, me too. Good times. (Note: these tat’s aren’t real… if you want your own: go here).

I feel like SO many changes happened during month 8. Growing up.

One of my favorite photos of her at almost 9 months:

Ha ha! I laugh every time I see this photo. Her first Halloween at 10 months:

Ruari’s first time out in the snow on Thanksgiving day. SO not impressed.

AND, since Ruari’s so excited for her birthday… and, she’s feeling very generous… she’d like to give away something from Pear Tree Greetings! (Don’t forget to check out their promotions page for VERY great deals!

What do you win? 16 free: What’s Your Resolution New Year’s Photo Cards from Pear Tree Greetings!
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