Baby jail

  I found you like this the other day. I heard you wake up from your nap… You sounded happy… So, I just let you hang out in your crib. I listened to you babble and “talk” to yourself for 20 minutes. Then you started to sound frustrated… I came into your room and found you like this:

You gave me a big smile and bobbed your legs when I came in. AND, before I helped you out of your baby jail… I HAD to get a couple photos. I love your little feet. You love them in your pajamas. Talking to them like they’ll talk back.

It’s hard to believe that just 4 months ago we were wondering if you’d EVER roll over. Now your crawling and terrorizing exploring the whole house! Pulling up on everything. You love to walk while holding onto our hands. This kills my back, but I still love to do this with you.
Tonight you stood up on your own! You didn’t really know you did it though. You stood up and grabbed my hands to pull them to you… So I could hold you up! But, you did it all on your own. I’m sure you’ll realize that soon enough. 
9 more days. 9 more days you will be 1 year old. I thought your birthday would be a sad or hard time for me, but it’s not. I am tearing up a bit remembering this time last year… almost losing my life… possibly losing you… But, that didn’t happen. We’re both alive and well.
Christmas has always been a favorite time of mine. I’ve been looking forward to sharing this love of this holiday with my children. I’m happy that even with everything that happened last Christmas… I’m LOVING Christmas this year. 
Thank you for being awesome! Thank you for being so silly and crazy. Thank you for cuddling with me. Thanks for being the best baby ever.

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