Tutorial: Gumdrop wreath!

Remember when I Ruari and I went shopping for a massive amount of gumdrops?¬†Well, here’s what we I did with them! I made a Gumdrop Wreath!!! I plan to put it up on my door in early December. It’s just one teeny bit of a massive amount of decor I’m making for Ruari’s candy themed birthday party!

Gumdrop Wreath DIY

Creating this gumdrop wreath is SO SO simple (just time consuming).

Supply list:

  • Wreath (you choose the size and type, I went with a straw wreath)
  • Gumdrops. I ended up needing 5 pounds of gumdrops for my wreath!
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks. I probably went through about 30 sticks of glue. Maybe a million. I’m not sure.
  • A bowl of water. This is for when you get hot glue on your fingers (cause you will). Dip your hand in there real quick!
  • Ribbon
  • Wire (optional)
  • Clear acrylic spray (optional)
  • Wreath hook.
  • Time. It took me quite some time to create!


Step one: Go out and buy those gumdrops! This is a VERY important step! I purchased mine in bulk.

Gumdrop Wreath DIY

You will probably need a helper for this step.

Gumdrop Wreath DIY

Step two: Gather together all of your supplies (see supply list above). Again, a helper is nice.

Gumdrop Wreath

Step three: Start gluing the gumdrops (larger side of gumdrop glued down) on your wreath! I chose to leave the plastic that wrapped the wreath on. I thought the glue might adhere to that better than the straw. Note: because of the sugar coating on the gumdrops, a few will fall off. BUT, just glue them back on. I have extra gumdrops for this.

Gumdrop Wreath
Gumdrop Wreath

Step four: This is optional. You can spray a clear acrylic spray on the wreath to seal it. I chose to do this because I live in Oregon and we get some windy/rainy days.

Step five: Now that your gumdrops are all glued on to your wreath, you can now glue on the ribbon! Pick any sort of ribbon you’d like! I chose this blue since that is the main color for Ruari’s birthday colors. Glue it down to the top of your wreath.

Gumdrop Wreath DIY

Step six: Place your wreath on your wreath hook. Since this thing is SO heavy, I chose to tie it on to the hook with some wire. That’s optional.

Step seven: You MUST enjoy your wreath!!!

Day 23: Gumdrop Wreath DIY
Gumdrop Wreath DIY

If you make a gumdrop wreath, let me know! I’d love to see it! Amanda at Pretty Little Life made one here!

– Chelsey

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  • Jenny Reeves on said:

    I made three of these as decor for my daughter's candyland birthday party. Time consuming, but ADORABLE! Everyone loved them. I also made two gumdrop topiaries too (made from styfophoam topiaries). I absolutely loved them (and since I sprayed them with acrylic spray, I've kept them and can like to use them for decoration for Easter! So cute!

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