Happy Halloween!

{Scavenger Hunt item: Something Vintage (the costume is last years vintage ;D)}

We did an early trick or treat here in our town. Our little neighborhood has a Halloween event where all the businesses hand out candy. Ruari was only mildly impressed. ;D

The thing is, it’s getting HUGE. It’s pretty obvious that more than just our neighborhood is participating now. Which is fine, except…. there aren’t that many stores and you have to wait in a LONG line for the treats. I don’t know what they’ll do next year. They are probably going to need to close down the street. Clear up some of that sidewalk space.

{Scavenger Hunt item: My town}

{Such a cute costume.}

{Some witchy’s}

{Scavenger Hunt item: Tilt Shift}

The only time we got a smile from Ruari: when she realized we had Angus (our dog) with us!

{Shutter Love Tuesday and Scavenger Hunt item: Dress up}

By the way, I picked up the cake mix for Ruari’s rainbow cake. I know, I know… It’s a little early! But, really: the box would probably sit on the shelf just as long as I will be holding onto it. 😀 Great price. I got two boxes for $6.

{Scavenger Hunt item: Chocolate}

Day 13: A band or artist that has gotten you through some tough ass days.

Hmmm…. I can’t think of a specific band… But, lately I’m loving a lot of Band of Horses and Fleet Foxes.

pumpkin button


OH, and one more thing: My Pick for Monday:

My new diaper/camera bag from Barely Measured! I can’t wait to receive it! Here’s a little sneak peak below. Yay! If you want to see more photos of the bag, you can see them on her blog here.

OR, you can get your own custom bag made by clicking the button below!


If you have a teeny bit of time, I’d REALLY love a couple votes. Thank you all SO much! Oh, and I should have the Holiday Card contest up in a day or two! I’m excited!

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