Day 14: A hero that has let you down.

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Day 14: Someone that has let you down. 
In hopes to not give too many details in my very public blog, I wont use names. Someone that let me down. Someone that barely appeared or called during the hardest time in my life: The first few months after my birth (again, you all are going to hear WAY too much about this… it is why I started this blog. 🙂 ).
{I Heart Faces and Simplicity Photo Challenge photo: This is Fall in the Northwest.}
Dealing with what happened and some bad post par-tum without the support of this person was so hard for me. The thing that sucked the most was I needed this person. I needed their support and help and love. But, they weren’t there. Gone when I needed them most.
So many times I’ve wanted to call and tell them how they hurt me and abandoned me. But, I don’t want to hurt their feelings. That may seem really silly, but every time I think I can talk to them and tell them how disappointed I am with them… I just can’t.
Who knows… maybe with time I can, but as of today: nope. Probably not going to happen. Do they read this blog? Will they know who they are? I don’t know.
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