The Vote Off winner (from 2 weeks ago… ooops)

I don’t know what’s up with my brain and the vote off! I keep forgetting to post them! Well, I was driving to Seattle last Saturday… that’s a good excuse. 🙂

ANYWAY… The winner is…

Captivus Living! For the Fingerprint challenge! Great job!

Congrats! What a lovely photo! Thank you so much for playing! You had 41% of the votes. Followed by Unnoficial Mom, Supermom, and Love3! Thanks so much for playing!

The Paper Mama

I have a small prize for you if you’d like! Send me your address: [email protected]

AND, if anyone would like to donate a prize for a vote off or challenge, please drop me a line! I would LOVE to show your shop some love.

Would ya could ya? Vote for me?
Vote For Us @!

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