Could ya spare a couple clicks? The numbers have been reset! They may not show yet, but they have! Yay! I would VERY much appreciate it! I really want to be in the top 25 this time around. Please?

I’m already setting up a giveaway to post later today to my Paper Mama shop. BUT, if I can get to the top 25 and stay in it through Monday I will do a second giveaway! A LARGER giveaway! Who wants a tattooed baby? 😀

To vote, just click on the button below. Then, click on the “Click Here to Vote” image. That’s it! You voted! Thanks! Let me know if you need a vote to, I’ll head on over and vote for you!

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By the way, you can vote once a day. So, vote once a day. Doctors orders. ;D

Would ya could ya? Vote for me?
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