Looking forward to some fun!

I’ve lost my mind. Yup. It’s true. Here’s why:

I’ve known for quite some time that there’s hardwood under the baby’s room carpet. It’s painted and has some glue spots… but, I REALLY don’t like that carpet. My VERY naughty Chihuahua doesn’t like to pee out in the rain (what a baby) so, he sneaks into the room to pees on the carpet. NOT any more!!! I pulled the carpet out yesterday! Yes! I’m crazy! I didn’t even tell Mike I was going to do it. I just did it. Ruari sat in her crib and watched her crazy mama. 😀

SOOOoooo, I’m looking forward to sanding that floor and cleaning it up! AND, I can’t wait to get that whole baby room finished! I still have a goal of finishing it before Ruari’s 1st birthday.


What else am I looking forward to?

I’m putting together a Big ‘ol Holiday Card competition (Doesn’t start till next week)! Yay! I ALWAYS make my own Christmas cards. I have so much fun doing it! In fact… Mike and I are doing a little photo shoot this weekend for our Christmas card. Can’t wait to show all of you what I come up with!

holiday card challenge button

Just to prepare you all… There are a couple of rules for this challenge:

  • The card must include a photo (it does not have to be taken by you, but you need to have permission to use it). It can be edited to your hearts desire… but, there MUST be a photo.
  • You need to be the creator! I’m sorry: you can’t have someone else create it for you. Your design.
  • This card can be digitally made, or handcrafted. Whichever. Don’t forget to include a photo!
  • A blog post will need to be linked to the linky when it’s up to be included in the challenge.
  • One entry per person.

{Mike and Chelsey Christmas card 2009}

This challenge will be up next week! You have plenty of time. The challenge will go through December 3rd.

AND, if you’d like to donate a prize for the winners, I’m gathering a collection of goodies for 3 winners. If you donate a prize: you will get free ad space in the sidebar of my blog through December 31st. Email me: [email protected]


In the mail:

I received some goodies in the mail! Yay! Miss Ashley sent me a love letter… okay, not a love letter… but, she sent me a sweet little note with some of her AMAZING photos! I LOVE them! I am currently looking for a space to showcase these photos! I think the photo of Kitty Paw needs to be framed and set next to my kitties food area. They love her (well, I pretend they do).

Ashley really is such an amazing person. She is so kind and sweet. Please visit her if you haven’t already. Hurry!

AND, I recently signed up for a little swap with Lacey! We had to come with one word that describes our collection. For me: teacup. I love teacups. Mike doesn’t. Ha! But, I do and Lacey put together a wonderful little package for me! I Love it! Lacey’s word was: Cupcakes.

She sent me…

  • A VERY cute shirt with a teacup on it for Ruari.
  • A little teacup pin cusion
  • Some of her favorite tea from her state
  • And, my favorite: a teacup! 

Thank you SO much Lacey! I love it! So much fun!


Upcoming tutorial:

And, I’ve had a few people ask me how I did this:

SO, I’m going to write a little tutorial for Paper Heart Camera for next week. It’s very simple. I’d love to see what you guys can do!


And, please give me a vote if you have a second. I would LOVE it.

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