I made this.

I’m not really all that in to knitting. BUT, while I was preggo and just sitting on my bum 24/7… I did manage to finish something! Here it is:

Ok, well… It’s not completely finished… I didn’t put the button on it. Ruari would just eat it anyway. I still have 2 blankets and a baby sweater to finish from my knitting projects. I know that’s so bad, but I just haven’t been motivated to finish them. If I don’t finish that sweater soon… Ruari will be too big for it! Hmmm… maybe that’s enough motivation. Nah.

It even has a cute little point in the back. Awww.

See that tile she’s sitting on? Yeah, I REALLY don’t like it. I mean REALLY don’t like it. And, remember when I pulled up the carpet in Ruari’s room on Wednesday? Yeah… I know there’s hardwood under that tile. I can see it when I walk in the door. AND, I know it’s not glued down… MUST..TEAR..UP..TILE. Except… I don’t know how and or what I’m doing. Sludge hammer? Crow bar? I don’t know. Whoever decided tile should go over hardwood is crazy.

And, I spaced yesterday for my 30 days of truth. SO, two truths today!
Day 11: Something people seem to compliment you the most on.
I get a lot of compliments on my crowns.

Day 12: Something you never get compliments on.
Uhhhh… I don’t know. I guess you could say I never really get compliments on my pajamas. You know… the things I wear almost everyday. 😀

How about a Halloween sneak peak:

{Torture device Halloween costume provided by: Hi, Baby.}

Flashback Friday: One year ago… One year ago on Halloween… I was about 29/30 weeks pregnant with a little boo head.

{3D photo of Ruari 2 weeks before Halloween}

{October 28th, 2009}

And, of course we had Angus dressed up. 😀

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