Get to know Princess and birthday party ideas

{Princess. 7 years old.}

All I wanted was a clear sharp photo of Princess….But, NOOoooo… She wouldn’t let that happen! Everytime I picked up my camera to shoot her…. she would get EXTREMELY close to the lens and rub her face on it! I’m used to this… but, with my new camera I thought it might be easier to get a photo now that I can control the shutter speed.

Pffft. My Canon is no match for a wiggly, curious kitty. 😀 Out of the 112 photos I took of her… I got two clear shots. I have MANY blurry or up close and personal nose shots. 🙂 BUT, I actually like the blurry photos I took of her. It’s totally her. ALWAYS moving.


  • Name: Princess Aja. Also goes by: “Princess Pretty Pants”, “Piiiiiiiii” said in VERY high pitch voice, and “Pretty”.
  • Age: 7 years young
  • Hobbies: Scratching furniture…. then scratching furniture faster when we tell her to stop. Sleeping on clean clothes. Sticking her head in socks. Opening doors. Fetching. Getting too close too baby (she likes baby to pull her hair… I don’t know.). Drinking water out of cups… then pulling those cups over and breaking the glass. Hanging out with anyone that needs to use our bathroom.
  • Dislikes: Me telling her no. Picking her up. Doing what I tell her to. Cleaning herself. Covering her “dumpings”. 😀 . Pistachio (our other kitty). Closed doors. Dry cat food. Long car rides.
  • Her perfect date would be: Enjoying a nice glass of water, in the bathroom… with Chelsey. 

She’s a weird cat. 


Sooooo, I’ve been slowly adding bookmarked pages to my “Birthday Party” file for Ruari’s first birthday. Lots of inspiration. I’ve come up with a challenge for myself. My budget for decorations, invites, and desert for her first birthday is: $65. Whew. We’ll see if I can do it! I know printing, envelopes and sending out the invitations alone will be about $20. SOOOO, that gives me $45. I can do it! I have a TON of art supplies.

Anyway, here are my Three picks on Thursday: inspiration for Ruari’s first birthday party…

1) A rainbow birthday cake. I got this idea from Lacey from Our Life. I think I’ll make it a 2-tiered cake instead and create a little paper cake topper. I already have a cake plate. 🙂 So, I think I’ll need a couple of boxes of cake mix (no way I’m making it from scratch) and a couple tubs of white frosting. Oh, and of course the food coloring. Shoot, this may take about $15 from my budget! Ok…. down to $30….

{Our Life}

{Our Life}

2) You better believe I’ll be making a paper banner! 🙂 Here are some awesome favorites:

This one is from a wedding. SOOOOooo cute.
{Found on Kara’s Party Ideas}


{Birthday’s on a budget}

3) I plan to decorate with candy. 🙂 I already have all the jars… etc. I just need the candy! I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to place a wad of paper, or something, in the center of the candy jars to take up space. Save a few bucks! By the way… all these inspiration boards below are from The Party Dress. SO much inspiration there.

{The Party Dress}

{The Party Dress}

{The Party Dress}

Questions for your guys: Where can I get bulk candy cheap? Where can I get rock candy cheap? Where can I get those fancy lolli’s… cheap?

Oh, and if YOU would like to get those little mini gumball machines… I found them! Cute! Here’s the link to Search for “Mini gumball machine.

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