30 Days of Truth: Day 4

It’s Day 4 of my 30’s day of truth. Today:
Day 4: Something you have to forgive someone for.

Well, I try not to hold grudges. Sometimes I think back and get frustrated with something that happened and I try to remind myself: it’s in the past. It’s old news. 🙂

My dad is sort of a loser, and I feel like I should forgive him for not taking care of himself ever being able to take care of his kids… but, I don’t really. I don’t even know if he knows about his granddaughter. I made no attempt to tell him… and, I don’t really think he needs to know her. Maybe someday he’ll take better care of himself. I don’t know. But, for now: I feel like I should forgive him, but really… I don’t.

My original 30 Days of Truth Post.

On to something a little more happy!
My 3 picks on Thursday:

1) Craftcult.com widgets.
These are so much more interesting than the old Etsy style widgets. You should check them out! But, check out my shop first. ;D

And, don’t forget that I am giving away something from my shop! You can pretty much pick whatever if you win! There’s a chance to get entries each day (if you’ve been voting for me on Top Baby Blogs, you get 2 entries for each day you vote. Yes, I’m bribing you!). Check it out!

2) Coupons:

  • I just wanted to remind all of you: there are 10 days left to take advantage of the Paper Mama coupon with BabyLegs! You can get 20% off of BabyLegs using this code during checkout: PAPERMAMA . It expires on October 31st!

3) I wanted to go back and introduce all of you to a few of my first followers. I have been blogging since 2008, but when I started my “mom blog” I had no idea of this crazy mom-blogging world!

  • I found Tia WAY back before I was even married. Back before Charlie. She was the first mommy blog I had found. I was intrigued… of course, how could you NOT be intrigued with Tia? Christopher and Tia
  • When Lana started following me, I was so excited! Someone I didn’t know was following me! She has a pretty cute little family. The Mama Trials
  • Beka is not a mommy, but she is one of the sweetest bloggers out there. She always leaves the best meaningful and sweet comments. Hold on, love…
  • Courtney has a sweet little family. I loved how she introduces a toy and her dog as part of the family. 🙂 LoveLove
  • Aly is one sweet lady! She’s always been so fun to read! AlyGatr’s Everywhere.
  • Lacey’s obsession with cupcakes and silly humor is always good for a nice giggle! Our Life: Narrated by Lacey
  • When I found Alysha’s blog I was so inspired! Her photography was beautiful! Supermom
  • Chana is so cute. Such an amazing writer. I always feel so welcome on her blog. Mamma Town
  • Once again, I found another blog to really inspire my photography. And, she’s super nice. Simplicity.

I could REALLY keep on going. But, I wont. Not today. I want to share more lovely inspiring blogger’s with all of you on another day.

So, let me know when this get’s annoying… ;D But, I’ve slipped to #20. I really want to stay in the top 25. Just a couple clicks will keep me there. AND, you can check out all the other amazing mama blogs out there! Thank you!

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