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Shutter Love Tuesday: Cakes

“C” is for Cupcake!

Perceptive Perspective: Feet


Show and Tell at Paper Heart Camera: Beauty in you everyday…



I took this photo for my Simplicity photo class. I LOVED the speckles on this nectarine. Then I cut into it… I loved the contrast of the inside of the fruit to the deep red skin. And, sitting on this white plate REALLY makes it pop!

Photography love...

Touch Up Tuesday:


Touch Up Tuesday's at the Paper Mama

Shoot and Tell: Bounce

So, she’s not bouncing in this photo… BUT, she LOVES her bouncy. She has a bouncy at my Mom’s house and at home. She’ll hang out in her bouncy for a good hour! As long as I sit next to her. 😀

In a Yellow House: Machines

BWS tips button

Simplicity: Mood

I was in a silly mood.

Sweet Shot Day

The Wishful Lamb: Cool Cats

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