My favorite three on Thursday

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1) My 365 challenge:

I was a little late on the whole 365 photo challenge thing. But, I started mine 25 days ago. I’d love to share a few of my favorite photos I’ve taken so far:

Day 3:

Day 4:
 Day: 5
 Day: 12
   Day: 20
 Day: 24
 Day: 25 (Yesterday)

If you’d like to see all of my 365, here’s my flickr set: The Paper Mama 365. If you want to share your 365 photos on flickr, you can join the Paper Heart Camera 365 share group. And, feel free to also join the Paper Heart Camera flickr group to share your favorite and best shots! If you don’t already know, Paper Heart Camera is my photo community. It’s pretty new, but feel free to join up!

2) Weird Halloween costumes:

Ha! I’ve been browsing around, checking out Halloween costumes… just for fun. I’ve found some weird ones… which of course: are the best!!!

Ok, this one is not so weird… It’s just sort of creepy. Clowns have never been the same since the movie It. You can buy this vintage costume on Etsy (Trucks and Dolls):

3) My 499th and 501st followers!

So, I thought I’d introduce you all to my 500th follower… but, she doesn’t have a link when I click on her photo. 🙁   Soooooo, I’ll just introduce you all to the 2 ladies that were VERY close to be the fabulous number 500…

Miss 501: Is the LOVELY Tahnie from Two.One.Ten. You should head over and read her story. VERY interesting.

She has a very cute blog, a Stella and Dot shop, AND: her daughter Sookie is WAY cute and was born on my birthday… so, that makes her even cooler!

Please give her blog a visit:  Two.One.Ten.

Miss 499: Jaime from Beneath the Acacia Tree. What a beautiful family! This family of 5 will soon be a family of 7! Wow!

There are so many lovely photos to view on her blog. I just love exploring it! I plan on reading more there. I’m sure there is A LOT I can learn about adoption from her.

Give her a visit: Beneath the Acacia Tree.

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