Monday’s My Pick: Bloggy friend meet-up

{“Why mama? WHY?”}

SOOOOOOO, I mentioned last week that I was going to be meeting some of my bloggy friends. AND, I did! It was fun. We met at Greenlake in Seattle. I SO wish they all lived closer. I drove up there with my Mom and Grammy for the day on Friday. 3.5 hours up there and 3 hours on the way home. WAY worth it though.

{Yes, Ruari’s the only one crying.}

It was almost like I was meeting a group of famous people! I’ve been viewing photos and reading about these girls… and then I got to meet them in person. Looking at the group photo of our little babies is so weird! I swear we really did meet and I didn’t just photoshop all of them together. ;D

ROLL CALL (from left to right): cutie Corbin from The Chronicles of Corbin, handsome Henry from It’s a Wonderful Life, buddy Bennett from It’s a Beautiful Life, lovely Laureli from The Paper Mama, super duper Stella from Hi, Baby, and rockin’ Rowan from Hi, baby!

{Look at all those cute babes!}
{Bennett, Ruari, and Stella.}

{Beautiful little Rowan}

{Ruari and Stella}


Ruari’s first experience on a swing… she thought it was alright. I think it was nap time. 🙂

{Mandy, Henry, and Allie}

{Now it’s Henry’s turn to touch Bennett’s hair! Look at all those hot mama’s!}

Things I’ve learned from the bloggy meet-up:
– Ruari is a toy hoarder. She had about 5 toys in her lap at one point…
– All these ladies are even more beautiful in person.
– Their babies are freakin adorable!
– I wish I lived closer to all of them!

AND: My Monday’s My Pick:

The Hi, Baby store on Etsy! It’s Melissa’s shop. Really cute stuff! I’m lucky enough to own the bandanna bib and a cute heart head band. Check it out! Please!

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  • sara on said:

    That much cuteness in one place is too much. I can't look directly at it!

  • Faith on said:

    SO cute!! as always – love the ones of eyes – you are so good at photographing eyes. Whats up with that? 🙂

  • Claudia Guerreiro on said:

    that is so great that you all got to meet! wish we could have been there.

  • Carol on said:

    Great Photos! I love the one of all the momma's with their babies! Isn't it wonderful when you meet bloggy mommas IRL and it goes well! such a great feeling!

  • What I Did Today on said:

    Oh FUN! I had no idea you were so close! (Also a Seattle-area dweller) Love the bevy of beautiful babies! 🙂

  • Mandy on said:

    Aww all of these babies are precious!

  • The Bonjour Four on said:

    those pics are great! haha i especially love the one where one of them is rubbing the others head. priceless. what a cute bunch of mommies and babies.

  • Linkie Lueville on said:

    oh my gosh. that shirt rowan is wearing, used to be zoe's. the girls are getting big. too big. i think i'm going to cry!

  • Carolyn on said:

    Wow so much cuteness!! That's awesome you all got to meet! Beautiful photos!

  • jill on said:

    love love love your photos chelsey! it was so nice to meet you! you are beautiful and rauri is prettier than any picture ive seen! i love the one with her holding onto rowan saying, "why, why, why" hahaha!

  • Sarah Halstead on said:

    How fun! I want to do a bloggy meet up. Great pictures. Were this with your new camera?

  • Jhen.Stark on said:

    oh How FUN! I saw some other pictures posted on Mandy's blog. Seriously looks like so much fun!

  • Shawntae on said:

    Yay they are all soo cute. I bet you all had soo much fun!! I hear Utah is soo pretty. You guys should come visit ha ha ha

  • Mandy on said:

    Ohhh I love your photos!! That picture of Bennett looking are Ruari is way to cute. I wish we all lived closer too!! The next bloggy date needs to be up in Oregon I decided! 🙂

  • melissa d. on said:

    awe. blush.i am planning a portland trip asap, those photos of row and ruari + the captions=hi-larious!i can't believe i didn't take more photos! too caught up in great mommy conversation 😉

  • - Jessi - on said:

    They are so cute! Love the sayings you put with them, very funny. Looks like a lot of fun.

  • {:miss v:} on said:

    How fun! I'd love to go to a bloggy meet-up! Glad you all had a fun time!

  • Nicole on said:

    Oh my goodness. Those are the cutest photos ever. What an adorable group of babies (and one big girl too). So cute! I love your dialog for the kids as well. Cute Cute.

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