I was picked for Spearmint Baby

Yay! I was one of the first 10 picked for the Spearmint Baby blog directory! She will be choosing more soon, you should submit your blog! If you haven’t already checked out Spearmint Baby, I suggest checking her out! I LOVE her nursery series. I have: “Finish decorating Ruari’s room” on my list of This Before That. I hope to submit photos of her nursery when I’m done. MAN, it has been taking forever!

Black and White Wednesday:

{Coral 5 months}

I know I’ve shared this photo of Kelsey’s girl: Coral a lot… But, I just love it. You’ll probably see it AGAIN tomorrow for Pixel Perfect’s Before and After. 🙂

the long road

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  • Siobhan on said:

    Wow who can resist those eyes…there beautiful…great shot!

  • Terri on said:

    I'm loving those eyes! Simply beautiful!!!!

  • Kindred Spirit on said:

    I seriously love love love this shot!

  • K.B. on said:

    😀 I always feel so honored every time you feature my fam. <3 You're such an awesome friend and an amazing arteeeest. Love you!

  • Sarah Halstead on said:

    Love her eyes! Gorgeous!

  • Mandy on said:

    This picture is GORGEOUS. I love her little ponytail. : ) Happy wednesday!

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