Thursday’s Three: What camera should I get?

I’m JUST ABOUT ready. I am JUST ABOUT ready to buy my new new to me camera! I’ve saved… paid bills… saved… paid bills… and, now I’ve almost got just enough to buy a camera (one more bill to pay before Mike is ok with this! :D). BUT, I cannot for the life of me decide what to get!!!

{Ruari 8 months old}

I probably wont be going through Craigslist because I don’t want to get something that’s broken (we made a big purchase through Craigslist before… it broke fast). I guess I’d like to be able to return it if something does happen. I’m thinking I may go through Ebay for something refurbished or used … or just go to Amazon (They also sell used and refurbished).

{Ruari 8 months old}

I am by no means a pro with photography. I have always loved it and have taken a couple college classes… I’m just ready for more than just my point and shoot!

My Thursday’s Three: What camera should I get?

1} The Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi: I’ve always owned a Canon. So, I know they’re good.

2} Nikon D3000: I don’t know too much about Nikon’s. But, it’s right around my price range.

3} Hasselblad HD3II 39: Ha! Just kidding. 39 megapixels! I would LOVE to have this camera… but, just a wee bit out of my price range… around $22,000. 😀

I would love to have this camera… cause then I could take photos like this:

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  • Hannah on said:

    I'd love to offer advice, but I'm still in point and shoot land as well! I think that I'll be buying the Canon Rebel T1i, because there's a HUGE deal right now on Arlington Camera's site where it's like, $600 off. (not including the lens though–but I've heard the kit lenses are cruddy, so I'm just going to be buying the 50mm f/1.4) Can't wait to hear your decision! 🙂

  • Tiffany on said:

    I have nikon d40 and its amazing but older but you can get at a great deal but I want to upgrade to a d90 or d300 maybe in a year or two for more lenses. I love nikons but I think that either would be a great choice and a 35mm and 50mm lens you're all set 🙂 imo- go test out both if you can get a feel for them and see what "feels" right for you! your amazing at your photos and edits Im sure you will decide well!

  • carlotta on said:

    I cannot recommend the D3000 enough. I got mine in the beginning of summer…it was my first DSLR. There was a bit of a learning curve, but once I got over that, it was a breeze. I'm seriously in love. I got mine (it came with a kit lens, the 18-55mm) at Adorama for only $375. Granted, it was refurbished, but refurbished by Nikon. I haven't had any problems with it yet…I'm so glad I went with the route I did!

  • Mandy on said:

    I am no photographer– but I hear cannons are the best. I use my sisters cannon and I love it.

  • Natalie on said:

    Hmm well given the two choices you've presented I will say you have chosen two very well-known and dependable brands..not that I know this because of hands-on experience because I do not own one at the moment but hope to. I own a Sony A230 (runs about $399 where I live) it is a 10.2 megapixel camera that can do WONDERS! It's a smaller DSLR which doesn't mean 'bad' becauase we all know smaller can be better when you're looking for convenience and quality! I set out (the day I bought my Sony) to get a Canon Xsi, where from? My local Wal-Mart! They had several Xsi's in stock for months before we hit a time where we didn't have many bills to pay with that week's paycheck..But just as my luck would be the night I chose to go they were sold out of EVERYTHING but the Sony A230, I was iffy about it because I didn't know Sony too well, besides their Playstation gaming systems that my husband owned, so I was hesitant on getting it. But I was so determined and desperate to have a camera "RIGHT THEN" I said well if I don't like it I can return it! So I came home, practiced, practiced and practiced and if you've been to my blog you can see what it can do! Very nice results and I am pleased with it. I have the kit lens (18-55mm) and a 50mm lens. I love it.But if it's JUST between those two, -I- hear so many good things about Canon and if I were to ever upgrade, I would buy a Canon myself. But some of my family and friends own Nikons and have gorgeous images as well. So just go with what is in your range, because if you are producing all these AMAZING photos with a point and shoot, I don't think it matters what brand or how fancy your equipment is, it's the photographer who is all the talent! Happy Shopping!

  • Tezzie on said:

    Yeah…I know next to nothing about either of those cameras. I've only ever owned a Pentax K200D, which I got 2 years ago upon the recommendation of my brother. I absolutely love it! To read a bit about it, you can check this out if you want :… Which ever one you end up choosing, though, you're sure to love it as soon as you get comfortable with it :DWhile I'm linking, I thought I'd share this little blog award with you (even though I'm sure you receive them all the time, I just thought I'd share the love ;D). Good luck with your camera hunting!

  • Shari on said:

    I started out with a P&S Kodak then I bought a Nikon D40 (On ebay. It was there a camera store in NY and it came NEXT DAY in a factory seal box). I bought an Olympus Evolt 500 and just sent it to my son who lives in Alaska (he loves it – I did not.. it was NOT user friendly! In February I got my beloved Nikon D90.Oh the love I have for this baby!!! I only had to buy the body since I had accumulated lens with my D40 and they are interchangeable. I have also bought 2 SB400 flash. They work just fine but now I wish I have bought something like this.Ha – I am looking to buy a wide angle lens but I cant find one with in my price range. Every one I want to get… are around $1200. 🙁 So if you know anything about wide angles let me know.. *wiggles eyebrows* and some one above mentioned Ken Rockwell. Oh yeah.. he helps with everything Nikon (Canon people thing he is a fraud). I think he is will versed in his knowledge of Nikons. Nikons are very user friendly!One day I would love to get <a rel="nofollow" rel="nofollow"> Nikon D3S Hey – a girl has gotta dream. Right?

  • Mommyto2 on said:

    I have the d3000. i love it. I am just a mommy who loves to take pics. this one is really user friendly!

  • janineb on said:

    If you are looking used – try B&H or Adorama – both have used sections I believe? You may be able to get more bang for your buck buying a cheaper used body and spending more on the lenses. I agree with Ashley – Nikon or Canon you can't go wrong. go to a local store and hold both cameras. Being Nikon or Canon generally comes down to inuitive feel. You can't go wrong with either one IMO. I have a Nikon D90, which is 2 steps up from the D3000. I love it and will be a Nikon girl always. As a PP said, the cheaper lenses will not AF on the D3000 (like the uber popular 50mm 1.8), so you may have to shell out more for the lenses you want. Its worth it if you decide you are a Nikon girl. And with a fast moving toddler in your near future, you are going to want a nice fast prime for portraits 🙂

  • Shawntae on said:

    I'd get a nikon. The 3000 is the best for that price too my friend has it and is a photographer and my sister is is an A-mazing photographer uses Nikon to after going with Canon for a couple of years she switched over to Nikon and loves it soo much more. She said she would never go back to Canon. She has the D700 though but still you can see her work />I still have a couple of more hundred of dollars until i can buy the d90 I had to pay bills so I couldn't get it when I wanted but when I do i'm going crazy!!! 🙂 I bet you will too… yay i'm so excited for you!!

  • Jen on said:

    I love my Canon Xsi!! (I also LOVE your blog!)

  • Ariana on said:

    Oh yay!! I'm so excited for you!I've only ever used Canons and REALLY love them, but some of my good online friends, whose pictures are fan-freaking-tastic, use nikons, so either way you're going to love it!!I've heard that Nikons don't handle noise quite as well as Canon but have more vibrant colors. I prefer not dealing with noise and don't mind adding extra color in photoshop so Canon is a win for me.

  • Courtney K. on said:

    I have a Canon Xsi!! In fact, I'm looking to sell it before October 🙂 If you are interested let me know. LOL I've only had it since February and I'm upgrading to the brand new 60d.

  • Karli on said:

    I can't comment on Canon vs. Nikon because I've never used a Nikon, but before I got my new camera, I used the Rebel XSI. I still have it, and use it for situations where I wouldn't want to take my other camera. The Rebel is an AWESOME camera. The only reason I upgraded is because I felt like the ISO on the Rebel above 400 was not very good. The image quality is great, it's just "noisy" when there's not enough light. (Oh, and I used the 18-55 f2.8 lens to go along with. You'll probably want that for a larger aperture. The kit lens is a 4.5 or 5.6…can't remember).I know it's a hard decision, so best of luck to you!

  • Mandy on said:

    CANON!! I have the Canon 7D now, but my first camera was a Canon Rebel and I loved it. They are great entry level SLR's. Plus, if you are already familiar with a Canon, might as well stick with it, right? Nikons tend to be a little pricier (and for no good reason,really). A canon will give you what you need. Just my opinion, though. Also, I order my camera supplies through B&H, they have the BEST customer service and have a really good return policy. Check them out.

  • Hannah on said:

    I have the Nikon D5000 and I have been really happy with it! It isn't super expensive and it came with two lens when I bought it at costco. I feel like the quality of my photos is really great. Good luck with picking a camera! Have a great week!

  • Ashley Sisk on said:

    As if you needed another opinion. I own the Canon Rebel XSi…my biggest advice is to go to a camera store and hold them. What is comfortable to you! When I was making this decision, I asked a professional friend of mine. She'd been shooting Nikon but when she moved to the professional level, she found that the Canon offered better lens options.

  • Joni on said:

    i have the nikon d3000 and i have owned a canon as well. not being super professional, i don't really notice a difference. i love my camera that i have now. however, i have been told by several professional photographers (mostly sports photographers though) that the nikon tends to discolor the skin more, making for a more red-ish skin tone. i have noticed the occasional red tone, but i can't say that i haven't noticed that with a canon as well. my input here is really of no help, because i believe they are both great cameras. i have had no problems with my nikon at all and would recommend it without a doubt.

  • Jhen.Stark on said:

    Oh- I honestly know so many people who use both a Nikon and Cannon and I love both photos (really, it's all about learning how to use your equipment… PERIOD). Some people have the fanciest things and just don't have the creative eye… but if you have produced your photos so far with just a point and shoot– well then, any camera is a good camera for you. :0)I have a Nikon D40 & D5000 and LOVE THEM BOTH!!!!

  • Keriann on said:

    OK and one last tip….choosing a camera is good but in the end it's the lens that rocks it! Sometimes when you're on a budget it's smarter to get a lesser expensive body and pour money into the lenses. Keep in mind that Nikon lenses go on Nikon cameras so for them I would just go back a few years and get something like a D100 or D200 then go cash happy on AMAZING lenses!!The kiddos have to go to school so I promise no more comments! I'm officially "tipped" out! LOL I hope I was able to help some! I remember going the the same decision….it's a tough one! Again though I cheer for the N team!GO NIKON!!!! haha =)

  • Keriann on said:

    Oh and there is a man named Ken Rockwell who I have referred to MANY MANY times in making photography purchase decisions. He run a site where he simply uses different products then reviews them. But he reviews them in a different way than most…he HAS actually used everything he reviews, he makes recommendations for the average "purse camera" as well as fancy stuff, he explains things thoroughly!! and I mean THOROUGHLY!!! Will you NOT walk away from the computer even more lost than before! Check him out here !'t forget to use his search button on top…you can put in things like Cannon vs. Nikon and he has written things about that controversial decision! lolGood Luck on your search!

  • Keriann on said:

    Nikon's are amazing! Cannons isn't bad but Nikon's optical lenses are unbeatable in my opinion. The way they make the glass in their lenses is what makes them so amazing! I've shot with both and I'm a Nikon girl 100%. Also for AMAZING deals on used camera products go to a place called B&H Photo! They rock!! They have new stuff but you can also shop their "used product" department. I was referred to them and and never been unsatisfied .

  • Nikki on said:

    I have the canon rebel xsi and I L.O.V.E. it! Canons have always been my favorite camera and this Canon does so many cool things and it is not that expensive for a beginner! I have used a Nikon before and they work very well too but I personally think that Canon's have better quality and Nikons I have had to edit more than a Canon picture. And if I were you, I would totally go through Amazon, they are great with returns and things like that! :)Goodluck and cant wait to see which one you choose!

  • alissa4illustration on said:

    I work at a graphic art school. All we get is Nikon's, but anyone that's serious in photography should get a CANON!!! They are the top with photography as far as I'm concerned.

  • sara on said:

    My sister and brother are both professional photographers and they use Nikon. Lots of the pictures of Pie on my site were taken with a D3000. Granted they usually have some killer lense on it, but nonetheless.

  • Erin on said:

    Since I confuse myself sometimes, let me clarify my prevous post…I have had my camera since May and not March.Duh.

  • Erin on said:

    I have a Nikon D3000 and I have had it since March. I couldn't even spell DSLR when I first bought this camera and I actually bought it on a whim. I am so glad that I did. I have had the BEST TIME learning about photography on this camera. It is intuitive, light and peforms like a champ! The downside to this camera is that it doesn't take video…which may bother you since you may be intersted in videoing Rauri. The BIGGEST downside is that the autofocus mechanism of this camera is not built into the body. So, if a lens does not say AF-S (the S is very important), that will not autofocus on the 3000. High end Nikon cameras have the mechanism built in to the body so any AF lens will autofocus. I am learning to shoot on manual so that I can add a vast array of lenses to my collection. But had I known this, I probably would not have gotten the 3000. In fact, I am already leaning towards an upgrade.I hope that helps. These are things that I wish I would have known in May when I bought my Nikon D3000.Good luck!!Erin

  • Joey&Casey on said:

    I'm good friends with a guy that does product reviews for a top line product specialist and he says that CAnon's area of expertise are their lens. No one tops Canon in the lens departments but, they aren't necessarily the Kings when it comes to camera bodies. Nikon is known for having designed top camera bodies but, not for their lenses. That being said, I own a Canon rebel and hope to upgrade to the 5D someday simply because I know Canon best…truth be told I'd love to get the top of the line Nikon camera $5K if I had enough money..dreaming:) Good luck!

  • Joey&Casey on said:

    I'm good friends with a guy that does product reviews for a top line product specialist and he says that CAnon's area of expertise are their lens. No one tops Canon in the lens departments but, they aren't necessarily the Kings when it comes to camera bodies. Nikon is known for having designed top camera bodies but, not for their lenses. That being said, I own a Canon rebel and hope to upgrade to the 5D someday simply because I know Canon best…truth be told I'd love to get the top of the line Nikon camera $5K if I had enough money..dreaming:) Good luck!

  • Pam on said:

    Holy-ba-joe-joe! I had no idea you were using a point and shoot! Yea (and congrats) on saving up the $$ for an upgrade. I have a Nikon D3000, and I love it. I'm doing the 12 week TPIAB on-line class and just signed up for a CE class at a local college. For some people it just must be more natural… not for me! I would agree with LeAnna above that said the D90 is better (that’s what my bestie has) but, more expensive than the D3000. My vote is to upgrade to DSLR then start saving for some awesome glass! 🙂 Your pictures are going to be amazing!

  • Eboix on said:

    I have the Nikon D5000, love love love it! It has been a great camera and I don't have anything really bad to saw about it, and it has a high ISO without giving a lot of grain IMO

  • LeAnna on said:

    I went from a Canon p&s (G9) and I now have a Nikon D90 and I l.o.v.e. it! I wouldn't waste money on the 3,000 or 5,000, they feel cheap to me compared to the D90 and your more limited to lenses that fit them. But, that's just me… I think Nikons are more user friendly, but Canon lenses are way cheaper. But you can put 3rd party lenses on a Nikon, too. Check out , he has a comprehensive list of reviews on all types of DSLRS. Just depends on how much $$ you want to spend. I will say, I have several friends with Rebels and they love them, but I'm a Nikon girl.

  • Chana on said:

    Girlfriend! Get a NIKON!! I have the Nikon D5000 and it's AMAZING!! It doesn't require any special software for uploading the pics on your computer. It's smooth, it's amazing. And hopefully after I finish Faith's photography class (thanks to your plug) I'll know how to use it more!

  • Renee on said:

    I'm saving/wishing/hoping for a Nikon d3000 so my vote is for that!! And OMG have you seriously been taking all your pics with a point and shoot?? Amazing, I love your pictures, how on earth do you get such great quality with a P&S?? You are awesome!

  • Claire's Creati on said:

    I've heard wonderful things about the canon. My very first camera was a Canon Rebel (film). LOVED it. I now stick with my Nikons. Super user friendly (and who doesn't like that?) I have a Nikon D5000 (one step above the D3000) and I wouldn't trade it for the world.. except an upgrade. ps.. you don't have to have a $22k camera to take photographs like that. You just have to know HOW to make your camera do it.

  • Secret Mom Thoughts on said:

    I have a Nikon D50. I love it. I'd love to upgrade to the D3000.

  • Just Bits and Pieces on said:

    I've been using the Nikon D3000 since March. I don't have any classes under my belt, nor have I read my manual or watched the 2 DVD's that came with it, …..take a look at my photos? Don't know if that'll help or not? We bought it because it was a DSLR & it was in our price range too. It came in a package with the 18-55mm & 55-200mm lenses. (Costco in Hawaii…..). I'm loving what I've done with it so far, and started blogging to learn more about it. I had NO idea that you've been using a point & shoot, so I'm sure whatever you get, your photos will turn out fantastic!!!!

  • Nicole on said:

    I have a Nikon point and shoot and it's horrible. (Sorry Nikon). It's probably the same quality of an iphone camera. We bought the Nikon for the small carry with me type so we weren't always taking the larger camera places like the beach. Sand + camera = no good. We also bought the Nikon you have in your picture. You can take a look at my photos and I have zero photography background. I'm just now learning to play with it. It's super simple for the most part, but I keep feeling like I must be missing some instruction (I'm sure a lot) because the photos don't always come out that well. note: summer fun is taken with the point and shoot and my most most of the rest are with my Nikon D300 is it? Color me

  • Jess Craig on said:

    you're going to get a million opinions on this one you know… i have a canon and i like it because i was already pretty familiar with it since i've always owned canon point and shoots. but, i've heard that canon has better color. but i'm not totally for sure. and the girl above is right, canon has a LOT more lenses than nikon does. and other companies have lenses that are compatible with canon too. so, that's my vote.

  • The Wishful Lamb on said:

    CANON CANON CANON!! Trust me on this it is the best camera you can get! I have an entry level rebel and it shoots like a pro! I use to have a nikon but the quality is not as good and the lenses you can buy are limited. Canon has a zillion lenses and plus other companys make them for canon too.

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