Monday’s My Pick: Kissy

{Ruari and Kamilah}

Hmmm. Just found this post for yesterday not published! Ooop! This is Kamilah’s version of a kiss. She’s so cute. Visit Cositas Bellas to see more Kamilah!

Monday’s My Pick: XOXO vinyl decal. Hmmm… I found yet ANOTHER thing to put in my baby’s room. Sigh. So many things to buy… so little money. 😀 Please check out Tasty Suite for more awesome decals! Definitely fun and unique stuff there.. 

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  • The OriginalPsyn on said:

    What a great way to make something special.

  • sara on said:

    Love the decal. I hesitate to go look at the site though…it will just make me long for things I have no money to buy…

  • Leah on said:

    I am sooo obsessed with vinyl decals. I am getting ready to order some… but then i think of even more places to put them… like on windows! so low-committment and the cool factor is off the charts 🙂

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