• gracie on said:

    So. Cute. !!!!! 🙂

  • amy lou on said:

    What a perfect shot! I love everything about it! I'm your newest follower. Love the pics on your blog. 🙂

  • Susan on said:

    What a PRECIOUS picture!!!!!!!!!!

  • Janell on said:

    This is so adorable!

  • Bridget on said:

    Oh my goodness I got such a chuckle with this. I love this picture!

  • chesley on said:

    this is just great!!

  • Kate on said:

    What a fabulous Shades shot! My fave so far!

  • Julie on said:

    This is too cool ! followed u … come see me at Malliegirlphotography.blogspot.com love to see u follow back.

  • Ashley Sisk on said:

    Like I've always said, this kid doesn't take a bad picture.

  • Anna on said:

    love it! what a happy face too!

  • Caroline (Frogmum) on said:

    I am IN LOVE with this shot! I hope you WIN!! 😀

  • Muriel on said:

    That has to be the cutest photo ever!!! Love this shot!

  • Ewa on said:

    so cute, I love these shades

  • Evan's mom on said:


  • M on said:

    oh my goodness. too uber adorable. love the colors..

  • Tiaras on said:

    VERY cute!!

  • Hannah on said:

    This is way too sweet! Definitely made me smile:)

  • Sarah Halstead on said:

    She is adorable! Love it!

  • ladaisi on said:

    This is so cute! I can't get my baby to keep sunglasses or hats on but I sure wish I could!

  • sara on said:

    Oh that gummy little smile is too much!!

  • Carol on said:

    I love that you can see the clouds in the reflection of the lenses. Sweet picture!

  • jessica on said:

    oh my word, what a little cutie u got there…love this shot 🙂

  • melissa d. on said:

    so. adorable.

  • Jennifer on said:

    This is sooooo cute!

  • Alex on said:

    Great smile and nice editing! Very pretty!

  • Dina @ 4 Lettre Word on said:

    So, so sweet!

  • tiff(threeringcircus on said:

    Very very gorgeous!

  • E:thos on said:

    awww! how lovely & great shot!

  • Olga Gorchichko on said:

    wonderful picture! it stands out from all!

  • Hannah on said:

    Those shades are too cute! Great picture!

  • A Lady Called Amy on said:

    i hope this is in the top 10. awesome!

  • Tiffany on said:

    Love her grin!

  • Buckeroomama on said:

    Those big shades and that gummy grin… ugh, cuteness overload!!

  • Tracey on said:

    HA HA HA HA HA! LOVE IT!!! So cute!

  • The Navy Wife on said:


  • JAN on said:

    What a little cutie!

  • Mandy on said:

    Loving this!!! Ruari knows how to rock a pair of shades, that's for sure!

  • The Wishful Lamb on said:

    love it, she is just too cute for her own good!

  • Me on said:


  • adia on said:


  • Linkie Lueville on said:

    OH MY GOSH! Fricken adorable! <3

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