Mama and the Dudes photo challenge: Words


{Sign at the Oregon Zoo}

This was a sign I found outside of the petting zoo at the Oregon Zoo. I hope to post more zoo photos soon. In the meantime, you should all check out the Mama and the Dudes photo challenge.


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  • Claire's Creati on said:

    lol. Ashley: Diddo. Hooray for Baboons, erm, seriously. I agree, no pacifiers?? Love the shot Chelsey.

  • Just Bits and Pieces on said:

    So hilarious!! Great photo!!!

  • Mrs Mar on said:

    LOL, at the no pacafiers. Whats up with that. Guess I would be lucky that my kids never used one.

  • Ashley Sisk on said:

    Great shot – there is one that I would love to post…but it's sooooo not family friendly. It would damage my reputation.

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