Flashback Friday: My 2 year anniversary is almost here.

Well, this Monday will be Mike’s and my 2 year marriage anniversary. And, shortly after this… September 7th will be 8 years together. I’m SLOWLY working getting my wedding page done. So many photos I love from my wedding photographer, Craig Mitchelldyer.

But, this is not what I’m sharing today. We had a photobooth at our wedding. Yay! It was so fun. The weird part was that Mike and I never ended up taking a photo together in the booth! It was a crazy fun wedding. 🙂 Here are just a few of my fave photo booth shots from August 23rd, 2008:

{My bridesmaids. 2 have blogs: KB Squared and Cositas Bellas}
{My sister: Mermaid Tracks}
{That’s my bro and bridesmaid Sarah.}

{Me and Courtney}
{Me and my cousins.}
{Mike and his college friends}
{My sister and her fiance: Mermaid Tracks}
{Nina, me, and Christina}
{Amy and I}
Although Mike and I did not remember to get a photobooth photo together at the wedding, we do have a practice photo from the year before. Ignore the snowflakes. 😀
{Mike and I August 2007}

AND, welcome all new friends from New Friend Friday!!!

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  • Michelle Underwood on said:

    LOVE those pictures! Happy Anniversary! 😉 I stopped in from New Friend Fridays at The Girl Creative or The Trendy Treehouse.I am a follower of your blog now! 😉

  • Muriel on said:

    I had a photo booth at my wedding too, and we loved it it was such a big hit and a great way to capture memories, Happy Early Anniversary!

  • sara on said:

    Love the new banner. LOVE the photo booth pics…so wish we had done that! Happy almost anniversary!Also I'm passing out awards today, come by and grab yours when you have a sec!and so ends my completely random mash-up comment 🙂

  • melissa d. on said:

    i want a photo booth at my wedding, so cute!happy almost anniversary. you guys are super cute!

  • Jhen.Stark on said:

    I love the photo booth idea… and… WHAT A SMALL WORLD. I see a "Amy & I" photo!!! I know that Amy (Hewko)! Her younger sister is my great friend and was my Resident Assistant at Biola University! SMALL SMALL WORLD!Happy Anni, and you looked absolutely gorgeous on your wedding day (even if we're only getting a peek at your photo booth pictures)!

  • Ashley Sisk on said:

    I only wish that I'd had a photo booth – it's so much fun and I love it!

  • Oh Mandie on said:

    oh thats seriously so stinking fun!! Mike and I are thinking about renewing our vows in a year and a half for our 10 year anniversary, and I seriously might have to steal this photo booth idea, because your pictures just look like you guys had so much fun with it!

  • The Planet Pink on said:

    What great fun! And wonderful memories!

  • Renee on said:

    Photo booths are awesome!! How exciting that you had one at your wedding! And your dress is gorgeous!!!

  • Anika on said:

    That is the best idea!! What great photo memories!

  • AlyGatr on said:

    What a seriously fun way to capture your candid wedding moments 🙂 You got some great ones. WOW, 2nd anniversary. I'm not sure I remember mine anymore!

  • Audrey @ TheDailyWya on said:

    jealous! I wish I did that at my wedding looks like a BLAST!!!!

  • R Montalban on said:

    Great photos

  • Mommy Elephant Sarah on said:

    What a great idea! That's funny you two didn't get a picture though. Weddings are crazy, I know ours went by fast, and next thing I knew it was over. Happy Anniversary. 🙂

  • Ash on said:

    omg – i love all of them! what fun!! 😀

  • krissilugbill on said:

    What a fun flashback! congrats on your upcoming anniversary! Love that you had a photo booth, how fun and what a great idea! Love your new header!

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