Hair hair everywhere! Except on my head.

Let’s talk about how much hair I’m losing!!! I know this happens to some post pregnancy mamas… but, when does it stop?! I feel like I’m about to be bald. I lose so much freakin’ hair! Handfuls everyday. It started when Ruari was about 3 months old. While I was pregnant I only lost about 3 hairs total… it NEVER fell out. But, now it is and it’s getting ridiculous!

When does it stop???

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  • mommy of Five on said:

    oh my goodness! i know EXACTLY what you are talking about it is EVERYWHERE even in tehbaby;s diaper!!…i have no idea how i'm not bald either!! but you know what i think about EVERYTIME after i take a shower…."wonder if this fooled God, does he still know how much i have left!!" because the bible says he knows the number of hairs on my head!!your little girls is just so cute!! love those crib shots..

  • daniii♥ on said:

    I'm at 17.5 months post partum and I'm still losing mine!

  • Nicole on said:

    I thought I read that while you are pregnant you don't lose hair, that's why it looks so amazing, and the reason you remember only losing like 3 hairs a day! Then the book said that if all kind of comes out at once, because normally a person looses like 100 or more hairs a day! Something like that! So you are loosing all those hairs that should have been lost during pregnancy. Lucky for you, your sister read the pregnancy book for you!

  • Mommy Elephant Sarah on said:

    M will be 16 months this week…I'm still losing it. Not as bad when he was 6 months, but it's still clinging to my fingers when I wash my hair. My hair doesn't look thin, and I don't have any bald spots so…

  • krissilugbill on said:

    I feel you mama, it's happening to me as well

  • Ash on said:

    yes, my hair was so healthy and shiney when i was preggie but when ash turned 3 months, i lost so much and even though people told me "it happens!", i was going mental then it stopped falling heavily after a month or so *phew*~ash's mum

  • Mara on said:

    you hair looks great! It actually looks thick to me. I never knew women lost their hair bc of pregnancy! something to look forward to I guess 🙂

  • Alysha (Supermom) on said:

    Tell me about it… Payton is 20 months and I am still losing hair in handfulls… I am starting to think that it will never stop… at least until I get pregnant again. :/

  • Cameron on said:

    I am having the same problem!! It's crazy! But most of mine has come out around where my bangs are. It's been 6 months & now it's starting to grow back in, so it seriously looks like I buzzed my head right around my forehead because it's growing back in & it's all less than an inch long right now right there. It's so embarrassing, but well worth it in my opinion. I wrote a post about this –

  • K Soucy on said:

    It starts around 3 months post partum and lasts about 6 mo. or so. It does grow back though. 🙂

  • Yellow House on said:

    If it makes you feel any better, I would never be able to tell that you have lost any hair. You look great. 🙂

  • - Jessi - on said:

    I don't know how it will be after I have the baby, but I remember in 1st tri I was losing a ton of hair! I had no idea it was a symptom because you always hear about how your hair grows think and nice. Instead I lost a lot everyday, it eventually slowed down. I'm curious to see what will happen after my girl is here. If I lose anymore I'll be bald!

  • AlyGatr on said:

    Yeeeep. Happened to me both times within 3 months after I stopped nursing. It came out in frightening volumes. I actually thought I'd be bald with all the hair that came out. It did that for about 3 months and then it came back in eventually. Well, back to pre-pregnancy thickness anyway. Consider trying evening primrose oil caplets. My mom suggested it to me and it helped grow hair back. Of course, if you stop taking it, your hair growth will slow back down.

  • Lacey on said:

    Same thing here. With Jack, I would lose CHUNKS when I'd wash my hair. I clogged the drain every other day. My sheets and pillow cases were COVERED with long hairs. It was gross. I'd even find hair bunnies on the floor when I'd sweep – gross!It started around 3 months, like you, and didn't stop until I got pregnant for Molly when Jack was 10 months old. Hate to be a Debbie Downer but this problem may be around for a while. I haven't started losing my Molly hair yet. And my hair is the longest it's ever been…like EVER. I know it's going to be bad. I just hope it's not bad enough that I have to cut all this hair I've worked so hard to grow out.

  • Shawntae on said:

    I have that happen to me and I asked my dr about it when I was in there she said that your hair stops falling out while you are pregnant and just grows.. a little will of fallen out but not a lot. Then when you are done being pregnant all that hair that would have fallen out over the 9 months does now. So its a lot of hair that has to come out expecially if you have super long hair.Its soo freaking annoying huh! Mine will fall out in huge clumps and I have super long hair! It scared me soo bad at first

  • Mrs. Muffins on said:

    I lost a ton too, I thought I was actually going to be bald. Riley would have tons of strands wrapped around her fingers and it would clog up the shower drain… Ugh. I can't remember exactly when it stopped but I know it was right around the six month mark. What I didn't know is that all those hairs were going to grow back! My little girl is almost 15 months and now I have pieces of hair ALL over my head that are about three inches long… It was awful at first because they stood straight up but it's better now!

  • Andrea on said:

    The hair drives my husband CRAZY! He says it's taking over our house. :o) My little one is 14 months old and I'm STILL losing it. But I definitely won't be joining the bald crew since the amount of hair I had tripled WHILE pregnant. Anyone know the reason why this phenomenon occurs???

  • Chelsey - The Paper on said:

    Oh my goodness. I did read that a lot of moms cut their short because of this. But, I love having long hair.

  • Sarah on said:

    My daughter is 6 months old and I lose a ton of hair! It's ridiculous and I think I'm going to join you about being bald soon. 🙁

  • Renee on said:

    I never had a problem with the hair loss, of course I have a ton of hair so I probably wouldn't have noticed anyways, lol. But my best friend just went through this. It started for her after she stopped BF'ing and it got so bad she actually had bald spots on both sides of her head! I guess the shedding lasted about a month or two for her and now the hair she lost is slowly coming back in. I don't really have any advice except hang in there, your hair will come back!!!

  • Jess Craig on said:

    this didn't happen to me, but it did to my best friend. although, i have noticed that my hair isn't as full as it was when i was pregnant. so maybe i did lose some hair? but not handfuls. maybe you could not brush it?

  • Carolyn on said:

    I was in the same boat as you. My hair was constantly falling. It was all over my brush, in my shower, the floors. Pretty much everywhere. Luckily it started getting better when my daughter was about 7-9 months old. She's 13 months now and it's still falls from time to time but it's gotten a lot better. Hang in there, I know it can get annoying.

  • Leah on said:

    Oh I totally had blocked that part out! I remember it started when Gav was 3 mos old… I was like EEW this is the WORST! I would just wake up to a huge pile of hair on my pillow. It was sick! I am trying to remember when it stopped… I promise it does eventually… maybe um… ok I have no clue! but I promise it does stop falling out!

  • It's a beautifu on said:

    Oh mt gosh, I know what you mean!! I was just complaining about this to my husband the other week. I can't believe it! Is it going to grow back? I'm keeping my fingers crossed for both of us, and all of the other postpartum hair loss victims that it will stop falling out soon!

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