Get to know a Mama: Questions for Alabaster Cow

Do you want to know more about Ericka from Alabaster Cow? I will be conducting a little Mommy interview so we can all get to know each other a little better. Please post any questions you have for her below in the comments (before this Saturday 7/31/2010. I hope to get the questions to her by then!) So, let’s see those questions!!!

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  • sara on said:

    Her ass really is that spectacular…her rack isn't half bad either.I'll ask what made her decide that Matt was the one to marry…or maybe if she could have one title officially given to her what would it be?

  • Ofthesea on said:

    Maybe I just arrived late to this meme, but what is her deal with her ass? Is it really that spectacular? Where's proof??

  • Jackie on said:

    Another Alabastard dropping by…please ask Ericka how she managed to get such a ridiculously cute daughter.And also, does she have any suggestions on websites that help teach website design, have good images to borrow, tools & resources on how to grow your blog?

  • Misty on said:

    I am a HUGE fan of the alabaster cow! I would like to know how and where and when she developed her love of writing and when oh when does she find time to do it!!

  • Sarah on said:

    Oh what a cute idea that is! It's late, I'll have to check her blog out later 🙂

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