Sunshine Award from: Barefoot in the Prairie

Thank you SO much to Sarah from Barefoot in the Prairie. She was kind enough to award me with the Sunshine award. Thank you! Please, please check out her cute blog!

I’m supposed to pass this on to 12 other bloggers that I deem worthy… but, I hear baby waking up and I need to get a bottle ready! 3 lovely ladies today…
1) The Mommas Food
2) 4 Ladies and a Patient Man
3) It’s a Wonderful Life

Thanks again Sarah!!!

The numbers have been reset! Help me get in the top 10! I ♥ you!
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  • melissa d. on said:

    awe, blush. you rock!

  • Faith on said:

    congratulations!! LOVE your new header and sidebar buttons SO cute 🙂

  • allie on said:

    awww, thanks for listing my blog as a fave! you are so sweet chelsey!

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