Product Review: Baby Legs

{Ruari at 15 weeks}

As many of you have seen: I love Babylegs! My baby is almost always wearing them. Babylegs are little knit leg warmers that go right over the baby’s legs. While there are many imitations, Babylegs are my favorite brand so far.

{Ruari at 18 weeks}

{Ruari at 5 months}

{Baby Legs: on Amazon}

{Baby Legs: on Amazon}

So, because of the price… I did try a baby leg copy from Target. And, while they are super cute: they just couldn’t live up to the Babylegs. AND, they are pretty tight on both of the openings so it feels almost too tight on the thigh.

{Ruari at 5 months}

{Ruari at 5.5 months}

{Baby Legs: on Amazon}

{Baby Legs: on Amazon}

Why I love them:
Their story: I REALLY love that Babylegs were started by a mom. Her babe had a diaper rash and needed to go diaper free… cut off the ends of tube socks and put them on the baby’s legs= legs warm and bum is free!
Easy diaper changes: Like the company advertises… they seriously do make diaper changes easier! Really! You don’t have to take pants off and put them back on. Unless it’s a poopy diaper….
Adjustable: If Ruari gets a little warm I can pull the leggings down to cover just her calves so she doesn’t get too chilly.
Let those toes breath: The bottom of the leggings can be pulled down to cover her heel so her toes can be free to be tickled and chewed on. 🙂 She loves her toes.
Way cute: They are adorable. I mean really! Super cute!
Diaper explosion safe (mostly): If she has a diaper explosion I only have to change her onesie. With pants I’d have to change onesie and the pants as well… unless it’s a super explosion that goes out the sides too!
Keeping knees safe: My baby is not crawling yet, but I look forward to these keeping her little knees safe. We have some 90 year old wood floors. I bet there are some splintery spots.
I guess one size fits most: Ruari was just under 7 pounds when she was born. She was pretty much wearing preemie size. Babylegs worked so much better than pants for her. Especially since she was so small and I was afraid I’d break her whenever I changed her clothes. 🙂 They are also worn on baby arms too.
No sliding down: They don’t slide down like the imitation leggings I have. But, this will also depend on the baby I’m sure. When Ruari really starts to kick they’ll slide a little.
Good with bulky cloth diapers: I have friends that use the bulkier cloth diapers. It’s hard to fit most baby pants over cloth diapers. The baby legs are a lifesaver for them!
They are a good investment: Ok… I have the price in my downsides as well. BUT, I have purchased less pants because of the Babylegs. She has been wearing the same 4 pairs since she was born and she’ll be 6 months in a couple weeks.
Potty training ease: I’m hoping this will make the future potty training easier. No pants to hurry and take off!
Huge selection for boys or girls: A ton of cute patterns and colors to choose from!
Baby legs is involved in the community: They donate Babylegs to the Ronald McDonald House, they work with Expat to provide support for the communities in rural China, they support the Seattle Children’s Hospital, and they are also involved in Baby Loves Disco (This is so neat! Check it out!).

Some are too tight: Depending on the design (like the diamond above) they can be a little tight. The diamond leggings seem to have a tighter weave and seem to be tighter on the legs. They also leave diamond imprints on her legs.
Pilling: The knit material does tend to pill up after a couple of washes. Not too bad though. And really… what doesn’t do that?
The price: They are usually around $12 a pair. BUT, I did take advantage of the Memorial Day sale last weekend and got three for $15 + free shipping! And: I also don’t have to buy a whole variety of pants. An investment.
I don’t have enough!: Ok, that’s just my problem. I can solve it!

Yes: I COMPLETELY recommend these little Babylegs! They have been an amazing find. They have really made things easier for me from the beginning.

BabyLegs Leg Warmers, Baby Socks and Girls Tights

Note: Hello my readers. I was not paid to do this review. I am just providing an opinion to help any decision-making on purchasing this product. They are just opinions and each individual may feel differently. Thanks soooo much for reading! I hope my opinions help! If you are interested in me doing a product review for you, please email me. I don’t accept payment for these though. I like to keep it honest.

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  • Dawn on said:

    We have some of the Target babylegs, because of the price. I guess I need to stalk babylegs for those great deals!

  • melissa d. on said:

    i guess we'll have to get some more 😉 btw-there is a consignment/boutique sale in our area every so often and they always have baby legs for $6!!! so let me know which colors you love and i'll have to grab some for little ruari since she is so adorable! (only i don't think the next sale is for a few months)

  • The Paper Mama on said:

    Ash: thanks for the stalking! I'm sad you can't get them in Hong Kong! Did you check if Amazon would ship there?And Melissa: Yes, you should be jealous. 😉

  • melissa d. on said:

    um, hello you have the cutest daughter ever (besides mine, but i am biased) and you should know that stella and i are seriously jealous of her baby leg collection. we're working with only one pair and then a pair we steal from big sis from time to time. i'm so glad you did a review on this…they rock!

  • Ash on said:

    is ruari doing a peace sign on the second pic? all of the pics are awesome. wish i could take pics like that and wish we had babylegs in hong kong. lots of wishes…. >.<~ash's mum(i'm following you in a nice stalkerish way.)

  • The Paper Mama on said:

    Thanks ladies!

  • Natalie on said:

    Ok, seriously? Your daughter is soooooooo beautiful!! I'm totally checking these out because my twins just started crawling and their little knees are so red. Thanks for writing such an awesome review!

  • CourtneyKeb on said:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the first photo!!! I just want to pick up that baby and squeeze and cuddle her. and I Loved baby legs too!!!So brilliant!

  • Chana on said:

    Oh! I forgot all about babylegs! Sophie lived in them! Perfect for crawling too!! I wish they made them for adults too:(

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