Thursday’s three…. USB heaven!

I take so many photos! It’s crazy. I’d say on average I upload 50 photos every couple of days onto my computer. I don’t keep all of them… but I do keep most of them! Now I have so many photos I’m starting to get concerned about storage space on my computer. I have about 6 USB drives each with about 2 GB space on them. Well, they’re already full!

I had to laugh the other day because while cleaning my garage this week I found a 64 MB USB. That would barely hold a day of photos for me!

I am sooooo happy that Mike and I decided to splurge and buy a mass storage drive on Amazon! I’m so excited… That is why it has inspired this weeks Thursday’s Three:

1) The Seagate mass storage drive. This baby can hold 500 GB! I cannot wait for this to come in the mail! I found mine on Amazon. I wonder how long I can make it last….

{Seagate 500 GB found on Amazon}

2) Is 500 GB a little too much for you? How about 4 GB drive in a clothespin? Just clip it on your clothes and it will always be with you! AkiPat has quite a variety in their Etsy shop. Check them out!

{Clothespin USB from: akipat}

3) Or, if you just need a small amount of storage space this cute russian doll USB from Fred Flare is so cute!

{Russian Doll USB drive from: Fred Flare}

Meanwhile at the Paper Mama home….

I am busy trying to fill up more space on my computer with attempted photos of my baby and me. 🙂

{Me and baby}

It was getting a little hard to take any photos because Ruari kept kicking her legs and jumping. 🙂


{This will have to do. :)}

How many photos are all of you taking each day?
(by the way… I took 40 photos to get these 3)


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  • Oh Mandie! on said:

    haha, I'm glad that I'm not the only mom who will quite literally take 100 pictures of my kids just to get one or two good shots.Unfortunatly I can't even bring myself to get rid of that bad shots so there's like 3000+ pics on my computer…. yeah, I need one of those USB's

  • Yellow House on said:

    I LOVE the USB storage. How sweet! Speaking of sweet… your baby is just darling. I think I asked before, but are you a Gilmore Girls fan? Lorelai and Rory are forever favorite characters in my mind… so I love her name 🙂

  • beka on said:

    Aww, yeah. I know about bouncy/moving-around babies/toddlers. Oh yes. It's hard to take pictures of them. Hehe!Wow, girl. Today I uploaded around 150 in all, from yesterday and today–soup making, etc. Wow. A few months ago I was thinking of an external hard drive, maybe even a good one I'll use for a long time-an investment, like a big one…$100 or so, I'd be willing to spend if I could clear out some space on my laptop (still have like 72GB free, but still) and it'd be good. :)So yes…I take about 5o-ish a day? Less mostly, depending on if I'm painting, cooking, etc. Cute picture of you and Ruari!!

  • Chana on said:

    This is too funny! We also just got our hard drive from Best Buy the other day! I thought my poor computer was going to explode from all the picture uploads I was doing:) The pics of you and your daughter are too cute:) Isn't it funny how we end up taking pics of everyone else but us?!?! I swear I have about 5 pictures that I'm in out of the thousands on my computer!

  • Lacey on said:

    I LOVE that she's making strong eye contact with the camera in picture 1 & 3. Let's see – according to my Windows Live Photo Gallery, I took over 1400 pictures in 2009. That's roughly 118 pics/month or 30 a week. And that's only the ones that survived the delete button. Congrats on your new storage! Happy Snapping – you've got lots of room to fill!

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