Flashback Friday: I have no idea… ;)

I have no idea when this photo was taken. I will make a guess: maybe 1992. I think I was about 8. Which makes my sis 10 and my bro 6. My brother is sitting on my cousin Diane’s lap and my mom is up on the arm of the sofa.

{The family in maybe 1992}

But, I’m not looking at the people in this photo: Check out the computer in the background! Holy old! It’s crazy looking! I wonder if it has the Oregon Trail on it… And, I’m pretty sure my Mom’s jumper is back in style! Yes! 🙂

Flashback with us…
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  • Jess on said:

    Oooooh, so glad I found your blog & I can't wait for Flashback Friday. LOL!LOVED Oregon Trail!! Hahaha!

  • lollywood on said:

    That jumper is definitely in style again! We played Oregon Trail at school and I so wish I had it at home!!!

  • beka on said:

    Wow, nice… old pictures and super old dinosaur computers. 😉 The one we had wasn't quite as old as that, but we didn't get one till I was around 8…and I was born in 91. We had San Diego or something like that on it we played.

  • Christopher And Tia on said:

    OOH, I remember playing Oregon Trail! We used to play it in our schools "computer lab", which was obviously a sad room with a bunch of old computers that didn't do much other than let you type on them (just like the one in your photo, haha). But really… what did old computers like that even do?

  • beingzaraandzidan on said:

    Oh what a capture! Memory u can cherish forever

  • AlyGatr on said:

    Hey now! I wrote high school and college paper on a monster like that!!! I remember having to wait 30 minutes for a term paper to print out on continuous feed paper. God forbid you had to reprint. Thanks for making me feel old :)You guys are so cute. I'm pretty sure I owned an outfit like your mom's!

  • Kate on said:

    Oh, that thing definitely had the Oregon Trail on it. I loved that game!

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