Play: Rock Dominoes DIY

Play: Rock Dominoes DIY

Play: Rock Dominoes DIY

If you’ve never played dominoes, I suggest you give it a try. It’s so fun to play, and even my 5-year-old figured it out and enjoyed it! A little bit ago I decided to create my own game, instead of buying one from the store, for the HP Create blog. I love how my Rock Dominoes DIY turned out (and it was fun to make). I feel like this game would be perfect to play out on a camping trip. No internet or electricity, just your imagination and some game time (played by the light of the fire).

Supplies needed to make the lovely Rock Dominoes:

  • HP Iron-On Transfer Paper
  • 28 small river rocks (can be found at craft stores or on a walk)
  • White acrylic paint (I used Martha Stewart)
  • Black acrylic paint for the stripes (I used Martha Stewart)
  • Six colorful acrylic paints for the dots (I used Martha Stewart)
  • One wide paintbrush and one pointed paintbrush
  • One 5 inch x 7 inch canvas pouch
  • Free Rock Dominoes Label Printable (find the printable on the original post)
  • Optional: Clear acrylic sealer spray

Play: Rock Dominoes DIY

To check out the full tutorial and download the printable, head on over to the original post on HP Create.

– Chelsey

P.S. I’m a paid contributor for the HP Create blog. If you’d like to check out other creations I made for their blog, here are a few favorites: Get ready for some Fall feasts with my Embroidered Placemats, set your party table with these fun Photo Frame Place Markers, and Makeover Your Favorite Coffee Mug


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14 Amazing Office Makeovers

14 Amazing Office Makeovers

Trend: 14 Amazing Office Makeovers

School is right around the corner and it might be time to makeover your old office. If you don’t have an office in the home, maybe you need to make space for one? Over on the Better Homes and Gardens blog you’ll find 14 inspiring office spaces from around the blog world. Some of the spaces are complete room makeovers, and the others are all cool tiny office spaces (that would be my category). Have you seen a closet turned into a mini office?

To check out the full list of office makeovers, head on over to the original blog post on the Better Homes and Gardens site. Have a wonderful Thursday!

– Chelsey

P.S. I am a paid contributor for the Better Homes and Gardens blog. The images in the first photo are from: Home StoryCentsational Girl, and The Crafted Life

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Bicycle Basket Makeover

Bicycle Basket Makeover

My daughter has a little scooter that she loves to ride. Every time we head out to the park the kiddo has to bring a stuffed animal, a water bottle, and maybe a snack (that’s a lot to carry for a quick trip to the park). So, instead of me carrying all of these items in my purse or hands, a basket will do the trick. With my Bicycle Basket Makeover I have created the perfect little container to attach to her scooter. We took it out for a spin the other day, and she loved it (and so did I).

Supplies needed for this Bicycle Basket Makeover:

  • Photo paper
  • Yarn
  • Twine
  • Fork
  • Scissors
  • Sewing needle and thread
  • Small basket (I found mine at a thrift shop for $1)
  • Gesso
  • White acrylic paint (I used Martha Stewart)
  • Wide paint brush and thin paint brush
  • ⅛ inch wide ribbon
  • Hot glue
  • Wire and/or zip ties (to attach the basket to your bike or scooter)
  • Free “PLAY” printable (found on the original blog post)

To check out the full tutorial, head on over to the HP Create blog.

– Chelsey

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How To Make Mini Pom-Poms

Bike Basket Makeover

I don’t know why it took me so long to actually make a pom-pom, but now I’m a pom-pom pro. It turns out it’s pretty easy to do and requires very little supplies. I recently needed some poms for a project I made, and had to teach myself how to make these tiny fluff balls. I took some photos along the way and I thought I should share how to make mini pom-poms with you.

Supplies needed to make a mini pom:

  • Yarn
  • Twine
  • Fork
  • Scissors

1) Wrap your yarn around the tines of the fork a few times. The more times you wrap the yarn around the fork, the thicker and fluffier the pom will be.

2) Cut out a small piece of twine. Slip the piece of twine through the center tine, wrap the twine around the yarn, tighten the twine and tie a knot around the yarn.

3) Grab the scissors and cut right and left sides of the yarn.

4) Pull the pom off the fork. Fluff up the pom with your hands.

5) Use your scissors to shape the pom-pom, and you’re done!

Repeat all the steps above to make more.

If you make some poms, I want to see your project!

– Chelsey

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