5 on Thursday with the Mannlands….

Today’s the day where we (those of us that want to) post 5 things that have made us

1)Joyful…. Prince Lionheart saw my review on the washPOD and posted me on their Facebook. They sent me a couple of really nice e-mails from REAL people! LOVE it!
2)Giddy… I realized it’s almost the weekend!!! 🙂
3) Excited… I get to see my sister tomorrow.
4) Thankful… that I own some teething gel
5) Jubuliant… When my baby smiled at me.



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Thursday’s Three: Bumbo time!

{Ruari at 21 weeks}

My lovely and fabulous friend Kelsey, from K.B. Squared, was kind enough to let me borrow her Bumbo seat to see if Ruari liked it. This way I can decide if I’d like to buy it or not. I’ve had it for one night and Ruari is loving it. She’ll only sit in it for about 15 minutes at a time… but, that’s a nice break for this mama!

{Watching Angus}

{Angus like the Bumbo too. 😉 }

{Angus hates it when she watches him}

So, Angus got really excited while she was sitting in the Bumbo and started running around crazy and playing. This made Ruari crack up! So sweet.

{Ruari cracking up!}

On to my Thursday’s Three…. Bumbo time!

1) The first pick is: Ta dah! The Bumbo seat! I’ve only been using it for a day… but, wow! It’s been great. Especially since Ruari is so tired of her bouncy.

{Bumbo seat: on Amazon}

2) Sticking with the Bumbo theme…. How about this Bumbo cover from Boutique Sweet Cheeks. Cute shop! These covers come with two loops in the front to attach some fun toys! I’ll have to get one for my Bumbo! They also have Boppy covers and bibs. Check them out!

{Bumbo seat cover from: Boutique Sweet Cheeks}

3) The Bumbo tray! I’ve been told the Bumbo tray is a must if you are going to have a Bumbo seat! Since we are planning to start Ruari on some rice cereal soon…. this will come in handy!

{Bumbo tray: on Amazon}

Any suggestions for feeding Ruari her first bites of cereal?


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Getting stuff done!

{Ruari at 21 weeks}

I actually got stuff done this weekend! Mike was so helpful and he took care of baby for most of the weekend while I worked on cleaning! Yeah, I wanted to clean! It was really a nice break from bouncing a baby all day. Really. She likes to be walked and bounced pretty much all day. I can’t wait till she learns to crawl… everyone tells me it’s harder cause I have to chase her everywhere. It will be so much nicer than me walking for her! Silly baby.

{Ruari wearing her Boundary Bay Brewery onesie}

What did I get done? I organized our tools and such in the garage… scrubbed down the kitchen… washed the laundry… cleaned up and organized the baby/craft room… and FINALLY we put some photos in our frames. Can you see?

{My photo wall}

Okay, I know we didn’t finish filling all the frames, but it’s a start!


{So awesome!}

This is a close up of one of my fave frames! My uncle (as seen below) made them for me. They are so beautiful. I think it’s made of cherry and mahogany. My favorite Christmas present! He’s an amazing wood-worker! Oh, and Uncle! 😉

{Uncle Jeff and the love birds}

Did you get anything done this weekend? Doesn’t it feel great?!


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Product Review: Prince Lionheart washPOD

{Ruari at about 3 months}

We have bathed our baby in the Prince Lionheart washPOD for about 4 months now. I purchased it after reading a few very positive reviews about it. After using this tub I thought I should do my own review… since there are some good and bad things I didn’t know about it until now. Sharing time!

{Prince Lionheart washPod: on Amazon}

(Please ignore the fact that I have had the tub for 4 months and still have the sticker on it!) 😉

{Prince Lionheart washPod: on Amazon}

For a little while there we didn’t like bathing her in this thing. She was so little and wobbly. But, it’s perfect now!

{Contoured cushion comes with washPOD: on Amazon}

{See through sides and easy to grip handles: on Amazon}

Why I love it:
– The design is supposed to be similar to the inside of a mother’s womb. I believe this is why Ruari is always calm once we get her in the bath. She’s not into lying on her back. She likes to sit up and see the world!
– There’s a nice foam insert that suctions to the bottom to keep baby from sliding around.
– The handles are easy to grip.
– Comes with stickers to mark the proper water level.
– It’s clear so you can see your little baby’s bum!
– It’s not too heavy to carry since you don’t put much water in it… this also means you don’t have to worry about splashing as you move it.
– Ruari is 5 months now: she really loves sitting up in her bath now. She’s starting to splash!
– Really sturdy. I don’t every worry about it tipping.

– Doesn’t fit in my sink… but, I do have a tiny sink and it’s easy to clean if you have a sink sprayer.
– It’s so awkward to get baby in it, I have to bathe Ruari with at least one other person. It is fun to bathe her though… Mike enjoys it!
– Since baby is sitting in it… it’s difficult to clean the bum, crevices, under armpits.. We usually wipe down those areas when we take her out.
– Hard to get baby out. Again: I need at least one other person to do this.
– I didn’t like it for my newborn. The bathing age is for 0 – 6 months. When we started bathing Ruari at 1 month she still didn’t have neck strength… and she was tiny. I was so nervous bathing her because she would fall forward/slip down. But, we always had 2 people while bathing.
– The age limit is to 6 months. I guess this means I have to get a new tub in a month… I’d say it’s more of a 2 or 3 month to 6 or 7 month aged baby tub, for us. All depends on the baby.
– A little spendy for a tub I use for less than 6 months.
– My baby is totally trying to put everything in her mouth now… this does include the water. She leans forward to get closer to the water. Always supervise a baby while bathing!
– There is no rubber grip on the base of the tub. It doesn’t move around too much, but I think I’d be more comfortable with a no-slip base.

Yes: I’d say I recommend the Prince Lionheart washPOD if you don’t mind the fact that your spending around $25 for a tub that you’ll use for 6 months. My baby does really love it now! We enjoy baths so much! I’m hoping this tub really helps us transition easier to the adult tub. I’m happy we bought it! Worth it and I think she’ll fit in it up to 7 months.

{Ruari bathing in washPOD at 5 months}

In other news: Ruari is 5 months old today! Yay! Up next: do we start introducing solids? Hmmmm….

{Ruari at 5 months checking out her tutu}


Note: Hello my readers. I was not paid to do this review. I am just providing an opinion to help any decision making on purchasing this product. They are just opinions and each individual may feel differently. Thanks soooo much for reading! I hope my opinions help! If you are interested in me doing a product review for you, please email me. I don’t accept payment for these though. I like to keep it honest.

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