Thursday’s Three: Bumbo time!

{Ruari at 21 weeks}

My lovely and fabulous friend Kelsey, from K.B. Squared, was kind enough to let me borrow her Bumbo seat to see if Ruari liked it. This way I can decide if I’d like to buy it or not. I’ve had it for one night and Ruari is loving it. She’ll only sit in it for about 15 minutes at a time… but, that’s a nice break for this mama!

{Watching Angus}

{Angus like the Bumbo too. 😉 }

{Angus hates it when she watches him}

So, Angus got really excited while she was sitting in the Bumbo and started running around crazy and playing. This made Ruari crack up! So sweet.

{Ruari cracking up!}

On to my Thursday’s Three…. Bumbo time!

1) The first pick is: Ta dah! The Bumbo seat! I’ve only been using it for a day… but, wow! It’s been great. Especially since Ruari is so tired of her bouncy.

{Bumbo seat: on Amazon}

2) Sticking with the Bumbo theme…. How about this Bumbo cover from Boutique Sweet Cheeks. Cute shop! These covers come with two loops in the front to attach some fun toys! I’ll have to get one for my Bumbo! They also have Boppy covers and bibs. Check them out!

{Bumbo seat cover from: Boutique Sweet Cheeks}

3) The Bumbo tray! I’ve been told the Bumbo tray is a must if you are going to have a Bumbo seat! Since we are planning to start Ruari on some rice cereal soon…. this will come in handy!

{Bumbo tray: on Amazon}

Any suggestions for feeding Ruari her first bites of cereal?


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  • Dawn on said:

    We love our Bumbo! We have the tray, but not those sweet covers. Off to look for one……

  • MaggieK on said:

    Love the bumbo…I want to go look for the cover- how cute…we use the bumbo with the tray for feeding Ethan, instead of the high chair.

  • Christopher And Tia on said:

    Oh I am TOTALLY going to go look into the bumbo seat covers, that is SO SO CUTE. We've got a Bumbo that we used with our last, and hopefully we'll be able to use with our newest 🙂

  • Lauren on said:

    i love this… my daughter has been sitting hers since she was three months old … we take it every where and use it all the time! super cute pics! ps i love your header!

  • Chana on said:

    Ohhhh…the bumbo! I remember those days! I used to sit sophie up on the counter and peel potatoes while she sat and drooled in that thing. Ah….it is a lifesaver!

  • CourtneyKeb on said:

    My daughter loves her bumbo. She has the purple one, and shes sat in it from 5 months til even now at 15 months her long ol legs still fit. I fed her her rice cereal with my finger when I started.It helped because she still wanted something to suck on, but it was a good introduction to the cereal.

  • The Paper Mama on said:

    Oh wow! Great suggestion. Thanks!

  • melissa d. on said:

    she is too cute!oh, man i so need one of those covers! what a chic idea ;)we love our bumbo here…it is great for feeding. and a suggestion…when summer hits, get a little pool and fill it just a little and put the bumbo in the middle with her in it. they have a ball and it heps steady them in the water!

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